Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 Month Shots Part 2 & "Jungle Jim"

For all you si-fi fans out there, here's a little chuckle http://baetzler.de/humor/meat_beings.html.

Now to our irregularly scheduled program...

Jim had his 2nd set of 2 month shots. He's done really well with them so far - no seeming reaction to be seen. Of course, we haven't made it completely through the night YET. Right now he is passed out in his crib, so I'm hoping for the best.

btw - this boy has outgrown ALL of his 3 month clothes, even the "big" ones. He is now consistently wearing 6 mo onsies!! I cannot believe how big he is. Lately I've met a couple of people out and about with babies his age and I'm seeing that my boy is a giant, but a very CUTE giant!

Oh, and my husband told me tonight that he wants to start planning for child number 2. What? Really? Yes, really.

He isn't ready to actually jump into the fire, and is aware that neither am I. He is just wanting us to figure out if we actually want another one and when we might want to get started. Do know, he has an ulterior motive - he's making plans to go to LeMans in 2010 and wants to be sure we aren't planning for baby to arrive just before go-time. LOL My hubby is not a true blue racing nut, but he is certainly excited about going. His concern for timing a 2nd baby warmed my widdle heart. Not! :) I soooo saw through the ruse. :)

OK, you want more photos of Jim? Hmmm... How about a video instead?!?!?!

Here our star is, lounging on his playmat, chewing on foam blocks, and having a grand old time.

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Stacie said...

That was so cute! Both of you sound like you are having a good time. Just the way it should be! (and boy, he has a lot of hair. my boys are totally bald!)

much love,