Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 Weeks - It's Been 10 Weeks!!!

Wow, OK the time has flown. Yes, in the last month there were some days that went as slow as molasses on an iceberg, but those were, thankfully, the exception not the rule. For those of you that aren't into kid discussions, this one is ALLLLLLL about kid stuff - fair warning.

Let's see, what is little Jim doing since his 2 months list...

He's become very fond of his bouncy seat, and has been for a while. However, now I can actually leave the room for a couple of minutes without having to take him with me. With this skill I can do things like take stuff out of the oven or move loads of laundry, etc. YAY!

Started liking his swing. Well, a little swing goes a long way with him, but it is better than before. Today he spent a good 20 mins in it, watching the rain fall in the backyard.

Usually only cries when he needs something (knock on wood), unless it is after 8PM, then all bets are off .

He's started going to bed at 10:30 or so and SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! (knock on wood very firmly, indeed) Folks, this one is like mana from heaven. He wakes up kinda early in my opinion (6:30 AM, who knew there even was such number on the clock other than parents), but I'll take it, anyday.

hmmm... what else... That last one is so big I can't concentrate...

Recognizes his bottle - that's kinda cool, except when it isn't his bottle. Sometimes it's a frosted glass I'm using, or get this, a banana!! But hey, he is learning to chill out when he sees that he's about to get fed. That is worth a lot - way less screaming. :)

Looking at food like he wants some... Yeah, my baby is a foodie, just like his parents. We are in for a fight soon I'm betting. He's gonna want real food and I'm going to have to try to keep to the recommended 6 mo window. It's not gonna be nice.

Likes time on his playmat, but he's not so much on the tummy time - he seems to think I am torturing him. After tummy time, I can get a good 15 to 20 mins out of him on his back on the playmat. I get down there with him and we sing and play. It is so sweet. I love it.

Oh, and Stacie, you gave me a great play activity with your video of "getting Jason's belly". I have started doing this with him and he LOVES it! He doesn't laugh out loud yet, as your little guy does, but he's getting there! I get some firm giggles at this point.

He initiates the "stick your tounge out" game. I just LOVE this... He wants to play with me, and it makes my heart melt every time. I can't help but giggle.

He's totally got head control - we spend lots of time sitting up now because he doesn't want to lay back like a baby anymore. He wants to SEE THE WORLD!

One weird thing... He doesn't like seeing himself in the mirror. He actually seems to really dislike it. I don't know if it is confusing for him or just terribly boring. I'm going to keep trying it though. I can't imagine what life would be like if you hated mirrors.

Oh, and he HATES to burp, even though he feels better just afterwards. I think it is simply the delay of food consumption, but I could be wrong.

Well, for all those that made it this far, thanks for listening to me drole on like an idiot. I'm just so glad that things are starting to get interesting... Of course, it is just in time for me to find another job, but it is better than nothing. I cannot imagine going back to work sooner now - all the really good stuff just starts at 8 wks!!!

Oh, and Gemini Girl - I wish I had some photos to share!! I haven't taken any for a week or so... I'll have to get to that this weekend.

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