Sunday, June 17, 2007

Retail Therapy...

Bo is on his way home from D.C. - he is making good time too. He should be here just after dark. I've missed him. I'm glad he's almost here too. *sigh*

Today I've spent very lazily... I planned a relaxing day of retail therapy with one of my good friends. We had lunch then chatted and shopped at a GREAT upscale stripmall just minutes from my home.

This place has everything... Pot.tery Barn, J Cr.ew, Son.oma, The Loft, Coldw.ater Creek, Old Na.vy, and the list goes on and on... Man, I love our mini-mall. :) The place is actully really small. Small enough that you can walk easily from one end to the other, even on a hot (Georgia hot) kind of day no sweat.

Since I am pretty bloated (I understand this is from the eggs swelling), and my leg hurts quite a bit from the HCG shot, we decided to make it a lazy strolling kind of day. We had a good time, for sure. We didn't buy too much, but we drooled quite a lot - especially in Bombay, I just LOVE their furniture and fixtures.

As we left, she gave me a big hug and her well wishes. It felt really good to have a girlfriend's support going into tomorrow. Retail therapy is good for the soul. :)

Oh, I can't believe no one asked where the name Bo comes from?!?!?

Well, it involves roll-playing... Do you guys ever roll-play with your hubbies/wives? Get your minds out of the gutter, I don't mean sexual roll-playing. I mean just silliness, like mimicing a stereotype or movie character? Well, if you do this will make more sense...

Roll-playing is where "Bo" comes from... Bo is Hubby's character and my character's name is Sherri pronounced (sher-ree). Hubby and I have spent many hours entertaining ourselves on long car trips, in Dr's offices, on airplanes, etc. by acting out our current situation as Bo and Sherri would see it.

Now, before some of the Southern blog readers get mad at me, Hubby and I are Southern - born and raised, so don't get on a high horse about stereotypes, etc. I am aware that rednecks are not stupid as a rule... They are actually really wonderful, smart, inventive people, and make up 90 % of our extended family. *gets down off the box*

However, Bo is a redneck, a born-and-bred blue collar "good-'ol-boy" and Sherri is his gum-chewing, big-haired, kinda loud, southern belle wife (I like to imagine she wears daisy dukes and high heals). They are not too bright, these two. They come up with odd-ball "southern" reasons for delays, mishapps and just plain stoooopid behavior of others. You see, they want to believe the best of others, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary.

For example, if we are on the interstate and someone cuts me off - something that makes me VERY mad by the way - instead of getting mad I might use it as fodder for our game. I turn to Hubby and launch into my role as Sherri...

I, as Sherri, say in a very southern, twangy voice, "Oh my, that man cut me off! What do you think crawled up his butt and died", and Bo's retort, in an equally southern drawl might be "Aw, come on now, you KNOW the tractor pull is just about to start, up on exit 386. He's just in a hurry, 'cuz he don't want to miss none!" Then we laugh while we add lines about ficticious friends and family that are going to, or are entrants in the tractor pull. It is a REAL hoot!

I love this roll-playing time with Hubby. It engages my mind, makes me laugh instead of rage, reminds me of how crazy perceptions can be, entertains us and brings us closer together as a couple. We have other characters we play, but Bo and Sherri are the ones I like best. They remind me that life can be very funny.

I don't know what you and your partner do to enliven those boring times, but I sure hope you guys have as much fun as Hubby and I do being Bo and Sherri.

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Gil said...

Roleplaying is superb! I think every couple ought to let their inner "Bo" out from time to time! Good for you. I've got a name for hubby too, and he's got one for me. But we'll keep em private cause they're far too personal for public consumption!