Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fertilization Talks and The Dreaded PIO...

First let me say - thank you to everyone for your encouraging and supportive comments. It was very nice to have so many commiserate with me, and to remind me to stick to the goal. I needed that support. It was threatening to rain at my desk all day today...

Bo and I were able to move a little past the 4 eggs issue this evening. We discussed it a bit, and then we let it go. Of particular interest to me was the fact that one of the reasons doing an FET was so important is in case we want more kids in the future. Even if this IVF does work, knock on wood right, we will have to do IVF again to get any more kids.

Meh - it is always something, isn't it?

So, I'm going to focus on doing all I can to make it to the transfer. If those four embies will cooperate I'll be there to receive them with the best ute I can offer. Well, no, I'm going to give them my ute, but that IS all I have to offer. LOL

Go Embies Go! Go Embies Go! Go Embies Go! Go Embies Go!

********** The PIO Daily News ***********

Well, we did it... The first PIO shot is in folks!!

I setup the meds, warmed the oil, drew up the shot, and pointed my ass at the ceiling... Bo was REALLY nervous, but I said, "Just stretch back the skin and do it!" He did it before I finished my statement, so it went more like "Just stretch back the skin and OW, Hey!!" then I asked him that question dreaded by men everywhere, "Is it in yet?" LOL

I thought he had pulled the needle out when I said "ow", so I was very glad to find he didn't falter. :) He jabbed me anyway! YAY BO!!!

BTW - you CAN use a 25 gauge needle to do these shots!!!!! Wooopie!!! He just took the time it needed to be pushed through, and voila!

Also, I didn't use any heat-packs or anything - I just massaged the area for a couple of mins. I stayed completely away from ice because I heard it makes the pockets of medicine harder to massage into your skin - the oil gets too thick when cool.

One last reminder - if you heat the oil before injection don't get it too hot. You can burn yourself under your skin if you do. Just get it up to body temp. If the water is too hot for your fingers it is too hot for your ass - K? K!


Baby Blues said...

Congratulations on the PIO! Good job Bo! The things we have to do...

Go Embies! We're cheering for you!

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Amy said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you! Kudos to you and Bo for being such a good team together :)

Natalie said...

Good job on the PIO!!!

Gil said...

Way to go Bo! Good work on the PIO to both of you. You sound like a pro already! Now go go little embies. Like Babyblues, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news all around.

Samantha said...

Cheering on your embies too!

Furrow said...

So tomorrow is the big day? Wow! Best of luck, and good job from your husband. Mine would pass out, I'm sure.

thanks for stopping by my blog.

The Momcaster said...

Bo sounds like a pro.
Don't think I could ever get my husband to
give me shots!
Will be hoping for the best for those embies.
They may be all you need...!!

Meg said...

Good job on the PIO. I hate those shots. I am hoping those embies grow grow grow....

Gemini Girl said...

Hi hun!

Ok, first of all- look how far you have come!

Look at the bright side of things- you still have 4! Some people have 1- I was sitting next to one of these women after my transfer. But at the end of the day, all it takes is one!

If you need to do IVF again and there are none to freeze- you just have to be a trooper and do it again. That's how badly all of us want this.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. The transfer is the easy part of all of this- but once they are in please rest at home as long as you can! I rested for 5 days only got out of bed to pee. I was even afraid to shower -so I didnt
(I know nasty).
Good luck let us know how it goes!

Gemini Girl said...

oh and by the way- my maternal side of the family is the same way with regards to premonitions. I have some of it too but try not to tap into it. :)

Tuesday said...

That is some really good advice, there! It's good to hear those little tidbits that the doctors don't tell you.