Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bo, Start The Countdown 36 hrs, 35 hrs, 34, 33....

I have taken the HCG trigger shot!!!!

AND I have thought of a nickname for Hubby - he's gonna laugh when he see's this... I'm going to call him "Bo" from now on. LOL

Bo (Hubby) wasn't here to do the shot, he's still in DC. So, I got the smallest intramuscular needle I could find (a 25 gauge) and I gave it to myself in the leg.

OOOOOOH Boy - that was a long needle. *shivers* I survived... My leg aches a bit, but it is OK. :)

The egg retrieval is scheduled for 10 AM Monday morning - 36 hours from NOW!!!!! I am to arrive at the surgery center no later than 8:30 AM to be prepped for the procedure. *shiver, shiver*

Thank you to "Knock Me Up" for the reassurances about twilight anesthesia - that simple comment really did make me feel better. :) Wishing you had a blog, so I could read your story and return the support... Thanks chickie!


Knock Me Up said...

Oh, I'm so happy it helped. And, I'm totally impressed you were able to give yourself the IM injection. I don't think I could quite manage that one.

I do have a blog just didn't put in the link as I just assume it will attach w/my sign in -- I'm totally inept when it comes to computer stuff. Here is my link but you will have to copy and paste as I can't make it into a link (see inept with these new-fangled computer gadget thingamagiggies.)

I'll be reading along and hoping for great results and a smooth ER on Monday.

. Come on over and check it out.

Samantha said...

Great news. I agree, you are so brave to have given yourself the shot in the leg! I'll get my chance to do an IM shot later this week I hope, but I still aiming for the butt!

I hope that things go well for you in your retrieval! Lots o' eggs!

Rachel said...

Hey, our retrievals are only one hour apart. :) Good luck to you.

Amy said...

Will be crossing my fingers that all is good in the hood for Monday!!!

Cece said...

Exciting! Good luck with this cycle - and good job being so brave with the needle...yuck.

Anonymous said...

Crossing everything for you for tomorrow!

Imogen and David said...

Best of luck for your egg retrieval and well done on giving yourself the injection!