Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fertilization Report - Day 2

It looks like all 4 made it through the night! So, assuming they all make it to day 3 we should have ether 1 or 2 to freeze.

HOWEVER, the lab messed up our transfer date!!!! They set it at Day 5, which is totally NOT what we wanted to do. So, they are supposed to be looking for a slot for me on tomorrow's schedule... *watching cell phone anxiously*

Per our RE, Day 5 blastocysts have a better chance of implanting and growing, BUT the attrition rate is quite high due to the added stress of the extra 2 days. They know now that a high number of embies that would be good candidates for implantation don't make it to day 5.

My RE will sometimes let them go to day 5 IF you have many (6 or 7) good quality embies. That is just not our case... We could get to day 5 with nothing... *drilling a hole in the cell phone with eyes*

Ok - just breathe and think positively...

It will all work out.... It will all work out... It will all work out... It will all work out...

One good thought for each embie!

Go, embie A! Go embie B! Go embie C! Go embie D!

Update: the transfer is set for 3 PM. The last one of the day.

I'm so freaking pissed. I am going to do this so late in the day that it doesn't make sense to take the day off. I can't even have a full day to just rest and let things take hold. I can't take Friday off, so I'm just screwed for "rest time". Also, it will take me at least an hour in rush hour traffic to get home, due to the late start time.

I feel like nobody really gives a flying flip whether this works or not. Bo tried to make me feel a little better by pointing out that this is better than Saturday. I bit his head off. He may not be talking to me by the time we get home tonight.

I am NOT a happy camper.


Erin said...

Very exciting!! I hope the lab can fix their mistake! Good luck tomorrow!!

Natalie said...

Yay for all 4 making it through the night!! Sorry the lab messed up on the scheduling... that totally bites!