Saturday, June 23, 2007

What D@wn Needs...

Apparently this little game is going around go to google and type in your first name and "needs" and see what google thinks you need. Here's what D@wn needs, according to google (I've modified the name so I don't show up on other's searches).

  • D@wn needs a headcount before Thursday of this week so sign up quick! - Not sure what for - but you'd better sign up!!!

  • D@wn needs a Tripod - - Um. Not that I know of.

  • D@wn needs to get over herself. I'm willing to bet her hits and readers would go down significantly if she stopped posting half-naked pics -- Interesting, I was just about to post my very first 1/2 naked pic of my belly. Maybe I SHOULD! My #'s would go up!

  • D@wn needs to be on TV land -- Oh, yeah! I'd like that.

  • D@wn needs to do is figure out a basic strategy that can lead into four different moveset uses, which she can easily ready. -- A basic strategy is always good, yesterday is a good example. :)

  • D@wn needs a MIRACLE -- For Sure! Anyone got an extra one handy??

  • D@wn needs some man on man action! -- OK, no, I draw the line at this one...

  • D@wn needs a plan to help her live beyond her injuries. -- Oh man, what injuries?

  • D@wn needs to develop more speed endurance. -- LOL, hell yeah, snails can beat me at this point.

  • D@wn needs to show us more of the extraordinary young woman she showed us glimpses of & less of the needy attention-seeker that occasionally peeked out. -- Oh, that hurts. That really, really hurts you guys. I mean.. *sniff, sniff* I don't vie for attention. *Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!*

  • D@wn needs to get out of the house. -- Yeah, probably true. :)

  • D@wn needs You! -- For Sure! You guys are the greatest! I felt sooo good when I came in and saw all the love from yesterday's adventures. Thanks, Guys!

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