Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rated PG - Yeah Right!

Ann's over at A Brief History of You got a fun link... It rates your blog based on its content.

I did my blog...

Online Dating

OMG - Mine came up "PG"??? Me? PG?? Yeah, I like the irony too. :)

The funniest thing is that the tagline reads "Some material might not be suitable for children". Well DUH! Not being suitable for children is the WHOLE REASON for this damned blog!!! :O

The reasons for this rating; pain (3x) ass (2x) pissed (1x)

I love the fact that it totally missed the numerous fuck, damn, and shit sprinkled throughout. LOL Gotta love it!

If you want to rate your site, just click on my PG rating above and enter your web address.


Baby Blues said...

I got a G rating! How wholesome is that? As if children would be interested reading my blog! :-)

Gil said...

Oh, I am SO gonna have to do this Dawn. Thanks for the tip!

As for the Clomid question you left on my blog... I haven't been on Clomid for all those dIUIs. I think this month upcoming, which is dIUI #5 if we do it, will be month number four on Clomid. I'm watching the number of tries on Clomid; have no fear. But thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we get bogged down in the details!

Carlynn said...

I loved your "Well DUH! Not being suitable for children is the WHOLE REASON for this damned blog!!!" Too funny.

Thank you for offering to kick my RE's ass. He actually gave the lab staff a bollocking, which my husband heard, and told me he would look into the matter to find out what went wrong. He is actually great, not at all touchy feely but I cannot fault him on anything and every time I yell and scream, he jumps and things do change and FAST.

KarenO said...

My goodness, and I thought I was wide awake and taking notice. My blog had the exact same rating as yours, and the irony was lost on me. Thanks for pointing it out!

Michelle said...

Ha! I'm also PG due to mentions of pain (2) and bitches (1). Bitches?! I'm going to have to go back and see where I used that word! And spice up the rest of my language, clearly.

Debbie said...

Oh this is too funny. I'll have to see hwat my rating is, I'm thinking I'm PG too.