Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CD 7 - Bloodwork and US Results

HEY! Got my results from yesterday's bloodwork and yesterday/today's US.

My E2 was 395, so they lowered my dose to 150 for this morning's shot.

My US yesterday showed 7 follicles all are > 1.0. Today's results showed 10 follicles all > 1.0!!! Some are as large as 1.4, so we are looking good!

I asked about potential trigger dates... Looks like I will be triggering as early as Saturday or as late as Monday. Not a lot of info in that, but we will be narrowing it down daily with more USs and bloodwork.

I'm having much more luck with blood draws now that we are using the hot compresses on my arm! Whoo Hoo!

The only sad news right now is that my baby kitty Cocoa is very, very sick. He isn't going to live much longer and there isn't much we can do for him. He is my loverboy, my sweetheart, and I'm going to miss him terribly.

I'm so sad, and very stressed. I am trying to stay calm, seeing as we are in the middle of this IF thing, but I'm not having much luck. We thought we were going to be putting him to sleep any minute over the the last 2 days.

His brother Humphries is just sure I don't love him anymore. He is becoming neurotic and is fighting me for food. This is NOT a skinny cat - he has all kinds of food available, but he wants the "treats" he thinks I am giving to Cocoa. He's crying and stalking my every move. I feel so bad, but I just can't overfeed him anymore. He's gained so much weight during this whole thing, mostly from the stress, I think.

This has been very rough on my hubby too. He isn't much of a cat lover, but he is very troubled to see me so sad, he loves Cocoa too. We both want what is best for him. At the moment that seems to be having him at home and babying him as much as we can.

I'm resolved to do what I can for him, but in the end I just want him to be peaceful and happy. I'm hoping he will rebound a bit, and be happy a little while longer.


Today's E2 result was 539, they said that looks good and to keep on the same dose. :)


Gemini Girl said...

Congrats on the follicles! Just think, one of those may be your baby! Medical science is crazy.

So you should be triggered any day now. Just know that the day after you are triggered your tummy will blow up! The follicles grow so much and its an uncomfortable feeling. But once they are out, you should feel better within a day or two.
Keeping you in my prayers!

Gemini Girl said...

One more thing, ivf takes the fear out of an ectopic pregnancy. They place the eggs exactly where they should be. I was very worried about that seeing as though I had a lot of scar tissue that put me at risk for an ectopis if I would have gotten pg the old fashion way. I too had a tube removed. Keep your faith and stay positive. Focus on you right now. You cannot let yourself be stressed.
Good luck!

Samantha said...

I'm really sorry about Cocoa. He looks like such a sweetie, I hope he isn't in much pain. That must be so hard to go through right in the midst of stimming. Thinking of you.

My Reality said...

I am so sorry to hear about Cocoa. We lost our dog last September and he was our baby. I know how hard it is to go though what you are going through right now.

Amy said...

I'm so so sorry to hear about your kitty :( That just SUCKS. Sending you and Cocoa a virtual hug.

Carlynn said...

Great news about all the follicules!

I'm so sorry Cocoa is so sick. It must be terribley hard for you all.