Friday, June 15, 2007

CD 9 Results

Today's US shows 13 follies > 1.0 !!!!! Whoo hoo!! :)

One of the follies is at 2.0, so we are almost done with stims! I haven't said so before, but most of the follies are only .1 or .2 behind the lead. There are several though that are still smallish, in the 1.0 - 1.3 range.

I talked to my RE yesterday about the smaller ones... He said that they will try to extract eggs from all the visible follicles, and lots of times there are eggs in the smaller ones. So, he's hoping or us to get 15 to 20 follies by the retrieval. OH MY! That's a whole lot!

I asked about potential trigger dates again... They are saying probably 1 more day, so Saturday might be it. Satur

Oh yeah, I'm starting to get that "full" feeling some of you talked about in your own posts. The follies are certainly noticeable now... Kinda feel bloated.

Poor Hubby, he isn't going to be too happy about the possible early trigger date (we had originally planned for a Monday trigger). He just drove to Wash D.C. to see his dad for Father's Day (we live in GA). He arrives there today, and will have to drive back home on Sunday. He knew that might happen, and has a contingency plan for making it back.

Before leaving Hubby said he isn't going to be unhappy though, because hey, we are trying to make this HIS Father's Day too! :) Sweet, sweet hubby. :)

I have to say, my posts have focused on the # of follies becuase I am more than a little scared of this whole process. I keep thinking if I focus on the goal I'll keep my head more clear. I'm scared of:

  • OHSS
  • The IV for the anesthesia (needles again)
  • The anesthesia (twilight is being used, never had it before)
  • Poor egg quality
  • Not having any eggs fertilize
  • Having eggs fertilize
  • Getting pregnant! I've talked about this one before...
  • Not getting pregnant.

I'm really just a walking bundle of nerves, what with the IVF and Cocoa. I'm happy/sad/scared/sad/happy/scared/sad. Someone PLEASE have a drink for me, huh?? I really need one, and I can't have it. *on my knees begging*

Anyone have any good advice for my upcoming retrieval??? I'm not talking to Dr. Google right now, to help maintain my sanity, so any advice here is welcome...


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

That is awesome news! It sounds like we are going to be triggering really close together!

Samantha said...

I'll have a drink for you tonight!

You sound like you've got a good number of follies growing for you, and should be in great shape for retrieval. At least for me, the anticipation of retrieval was always way worse than the actual procedure.

Knock Me Up said...

15-20 follicles sounds WONDERFUL. Hang in there. Try not to be too scared. The twilight anesthesia is easy as pie, I actually enjoyed the rest I had after the first time I had it.