Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Camper!

Hey guys, I was officially a "Happy Camper" this weekend.

My hubby weighed my pack at 20lbs before adding water and some food. So, I carried about 23 lbs into camp. Everything went pretty well with the pack - going to and coming from camp I had slight pain in my abdomen and cramping, but nothing too dire. I had to stop a couple of times to let the cramping stop, but made it just fine.

Our surgeon friend asked after me when we arrived at camp, and was happy to see that my pack wasn't too heavy.

We had great weather, just chilly enough to need a good fire, but not so chilly as to be uncomfortable. Wonderful!!

This trip was called "Camp Emily", because this was our good friends' daughter Emily's first camping experience ever. It was a short hike, about a mile, and was perfect for a little girl of 3. She made it like a trooper!!! We all had a good time singing camp songs and making smores.

We had "Camp Kathleen" last year, when another friends' daughter reached 3. This year she was a very proud "Veteran" camper, and showed off her smores-making skills. :) They became fast friends, and you would never know they didn't know each other before this weekend.

I love how easily children can make friends - best friends. They played in the biggest all afternoon... They played "teacher", "Wedding", "Princess" and "Explorer" in a 5x5 tent. It is amazing what a real imagination and a couple of blankets and scarves can do for an evening. :)

I got to share in being Mommy this weekend, as both of the girls are secure in being with me. They love to climb on me and ask me to sing songs or teach them games. Their favorite game was "Fix your hair for the Wedding!", and they did my hair in their "salon" (aka my camp chair). Did you know a mix of salt and pepper and ice cream is good for your hair? Along with a creme rinse of ketchup and dirt? It is a proven fact! *no hair was harmed, it was all pretend*

If you should find yourself on the roster for a backpacking trip - be sure you buy Mountain House, Beef Stew for your dinner. Accept NO substitutes - really, really!!! This dehydrated dinner requires only a cup of boiling water and 7 minutes, then Voila! it's done! MMMMMmmmmm Good Eating!!! :) It is good enough that I might get some to have around the house for when I don't want to cook! :P

My IF did come with me on this trip - as it comes with me everywhere, everyday....

Want to know what was best about IF this weekend?? The sharing of infertility stories, trials, and successes. All of the ladies at camp (3 ladies, 3 families at camp) have all had infertility troubles. We have shared our losses with each other over the past 3 years - between the 3 of us we have had 8 pregnancies that did not survive, but also two wonderful little girls that did (Emily and Kathleen). One of our group is now 9 weeks pregnant, and we are so hopeful that it is a healthy and happy pregnancy.

We talked about latest treatments and tragedies, then we shared sympathy for the pregnancy symptoms of our current mommy-in-waiting. We all laughed about her frequent trips to the bathroom, and pushed crackers on her when she was nauseous. It was a good, heart-felt time.

Just call me a Happy Camper! Life is pretty darned good...


RTTguapa said...

oh you're giving me ideas about what to do with
my three year old now that summer (on our side of the world) is just round the corner.

glad you had a fun weekend!

Artblog said...

What a great idea! Would lobve to spend a weekend chatting IF :)


Baby Blues said...

Sounds like a wonderfully fun weekend! I love those heartfelt "good times". Your support group is amazing. It's nice to have people who understand.