Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sanity Check on Isle 9....

I can't decide if my RE is right or wrong on a certain topic - need advice...

As you know, I just had tubal removal surgery last Thursday, and during a post-op call on Friday my doctor told me I was under no weight-lifting restrictions, and that I could carry whatever weight I felt like.

I explained to him that Hubby and I are scheduled to go on a very short backpacking trip this coming weekend (9 days after surgery). He said he "didn't care what I picked up" as I was "under no restrictions".

I asked a surgeon friend of mine what he thought. He is going on this trip, and will be the one to fix me if my Dr. is wrong. :)

Off the record he said I should be carrying no more than 10lbs by that point - as the (abdominal) pressure over time is the real worry, not the picking up of the pack.

So, which is the real story?? Anyone have a professional opinion on this??

My pack is typically 25 - 30 lbs when filled for this kind of trip. It is a professional-level pack with good support (hip belt) and inner frame. These attributes reduce the amount of strain it causes, and the type of pressure that is exerted, but it transfers the weight to my hip/belly area.

Hubby is already making plans to distribute the weight of my pack to the other campers, but I want more info before I take off on this adventure...


RTTguapa said...

i have no idea hahaha!
but i think that it's great you're headed for the great outdoors.
nothing like that to recharge the mind and spirit. have fun!

Infertile Girl said...

Me assvie since I am lazy, say you cannot carry a big pack and have all the folks distribute the weight, you know you gotta milk this for what it is worth!!! LOL But seriously glad you are out and about, I admire your strength!!! Have a wonderful time.

Jamie said...

I had a laproscopy in July of 2005 and I was up and carrying all kinds of things by the next day. Laproscopy is really very minimally invasive and you should be fine.

When I had my ectopic in March of 2005 they did a full c-section cut on me. With that you definitely wouldn't be backpacking for awhile.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.

Keeping The Faith said...

I don't know much about tubal removal surgery- is that done through a laparoscopy? I've had two of those. One was a piece of cake and the other put me on my ass. I think it all depends on you and how you feel. 9 days is a decent healing period and hopefully you feel pretty much 100%. I am an avid backpacker and I think it's great your going but I would be careful...don't over do it. Distribute the weight to others even if you think you can manage. It's not worth it if something happens. You had surgery and need to respect that.

I hope you all have a wonderful time!


Baby Blues said...

It takes 6 weeks for the post operative site to heal. I guess as long as you don't lift anything too heavy to strain the wound, it's fine. Take it easy. Glad you're back on your feet and backpacking. Sounds fun!