Saturday, March 3, 2007

My Rank...

Hmmm... I'm trying to figure out what my rank is... Read Ranks over at Down and Out

Whatever it is, Hubby just told me I've been awarded a Purple Heart for being wounded in action. I'm also on the "disabled veteran" list for a while!

What would be my rank? I have had 5 IUIs, one chem PG, and a double-ectopic pregnancy that was just removed?

Can you believe I'm not AWOL!?!? I'm a dedicated soldier, Sir!

No really - what's my rank? I need to know what kind of pension I'm going to get!!!


Our wonderful blogster gets the prize for giving me my first laugh about IF after my surgery!

Love it!


Baby Blues said...

Lance Corporal Baby Blues reporting for duty! :-)
Really cute way of putting it. But I love my rank, could I choose not to get moved higher?

Infertile Girl said...

I think you should get the Congressional Metal of Honor, you took one for the team. Glad my post could give you a laugh after your surgery. You are in my thoughts! Private First Class Infertile Girl