Monday, October 12, 2009

The News... And We Wait.

I called the perinatologist's office after I updated my blog. They had the initial results in - hot off the fax!
The results were normal for the 4 tests they do - Trisomy 13, 18, 21, & the XY sex chromosomes.  All were normal, and I was very happy to hear it!
Downs (the trisomies listed above) are the ones that the Dr. had called out as likely to cause the issues he saw. However, he called me and said that I should be cautiously optomistic, since that is only 4 of about 44 chromosomes that they test for anomolies. He felt that we should not talk about "what's next" until after the results come back on Friday.
So, while the test brought some initial good news... We are still in wait-and-see mode. Tick - tock - tick - tock, I can hear the clock saying. It is going through it's motions slower than usual for some reason.
Let's play a little guessing game while we wait...  
What do you think I'm having?  A boy or a girl?  You have to give your reason for your guess - even if it is "...just a feeling".
Yes, I do know the answer! :)  
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MrsSpock said...

I think ...boy. Feels like another Little Jim. Plus the word verification says "bro".

Friday cannot come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

hmmm I say girl. Just because of all the stress we cause when we get older.. She is practicing : ) my word says craLiz and Liz is a girl name lol
All my prayers to you and your family!

Stacie said...

Yeah for the FISH results coming in clear! One hurdle down, one more to go. I am still holding out for a healthy bean in there!

My gut is saying boy. I am just getting that vibe from you. :-)

Queenie. . . said...

I'm guressing boy, because you said "xy sex chromsomes," and they'd be xx if it were a girl! Good luck with full results-FISH is very accurate, and I hope your funal results mirror your prelims. Best of luck waiting-I know I didn't feel good until we got the final call.

Furrow said...

I'm so glad to hear good news, even if it's preliminary. I'm guessing boy. Just a feeling.

ME Gregory said...

I am in the boy camp as well. I KNEW Jim was going to be a boy, so I was not at all surprised - I don't know why, I just always saw you as a boy Mama. Well I like the positive news you've received so far and I agree, Friday needs to hurry up and get here! (oh yeah, and my word is gibberish, so NOT helpful!)

Simple said...

Hi! So sorry I haven't commented lately - and so sorry you've been going through this horribly stressful situation. I am hoping you continue to get good news - sending you lots of happy/positive thoughts! :)

Oh- I think it's a boy too. No real reason why. ha ha