Monday, October 12, 2009

No Results Yet... Methinks Tomorrow?

*Sigh*  No results yet.  
Don't you just know that I'm in hurry up and wait mode?  I know it could be tomorrow... I do. But I would like some kind of info today. :(  Please?  Pretty please? 
BTW - for anyone that is interested - the rapid-results test is called FISH - fun name huh? It is an alternate form of testing that can turn results around in 1 day or less. However, it is not as accurate as the full testing because with it they don't distinguish between the mother's cells and the child's. So, you could get "all clear" results, only to find that the cells were your own. Ugh.  
Supposedly that kind of mix-up doesn't happen too often (guessing they test more than one sample), but this test can lead to false-positives for when Mom and baby DNA has been mixed together. When that happens it appears that the child has a specific type of other chromosome issue... I won't go into all the detail, but it sounds like a mess.

Hopefully we'll hear something soon...

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