Monday, March 8, 2010

8 is Great, right?

As of Sunday we had:

16 eggs were retrieved
14 were mature
8 fertilized (which is better than 50%, so the RE is happy)

Today I was told that they won't count them again until tomorrow. We have a tentative transfer time of 2 PM Tuesday, but they are expecting to push us to a 5-day transfer on Thursday.

I'm not exactly sure WHY we would be pushed to 5-day, because I've not been able to get a full answer, but it seems that the embry.ologists know best and will set me up for the date that makes the best chances for us.

Some thoughts on our retrieval:
It sucked. Last time was a breeze, but this time was painful (still is today). It feels more like I had abdominal surgery than just an ER.
Add to that, my IV took 4 tries, so both of my hands were numb& tingly until Sunday afternoon.
I don't want to have to do this part again, so I sure hope we get THE ONE with this cycle.


strongwoman said...

Congrats on a good fert report! Eight is a great number. I know it is a bit scary to push for a five day transfer, but it does improve success rate and it's wonderful to be in a position where it is even an option!

I'm with you... I'm much more sore after this egg retrieval. I'm still quite uncomfortable two days later. I hope this passes soon, for both of us.

Vee said...

8 is fantastic!
I wondered about the 5 day transfer also, basically if they make it till 5 days then they are doing really well.

My 5 day emby worked! I hope yours does too.
Lots of rest.

Furrow said...

8 is incredible! Best of luck on the transfer.

ME Gregory said...

it all sounds promising - best of luck!