Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sweet 16

I made it through the egg retrieval and am home safe and mostly sound!

I was told they captured 16 eggs! Who knows how many are ripe, or will fertilize for that matter, but I'm really happy with those numbers.

Per our discharge paperwork we should get a call by 1 PM tomorrow to let us know the Fertilization report. As I understand it they will be doing full ICSI this time - hopefully reducing the egg attrition rate.

I'm very sore this time... it feels like I've had abdominal surgery vs. the mild cramping I had last time. I'm hanging out on the couch and taking it easy. Hubby is outside playing with the boy - he got a tricycle for his Birthday. He got a sandbox too, but we are planning to wait to use it when Mommy can play too.

Thanks for all the well wishes!


Vee said...

16 is awesome! Fingers crossed for a great fertilisation rate!

MrsSpock said...

16 is very good! Hopefully there will be plenty mature and a great fert report awaiting you today! Crossing my fingers...

ME Gregory said...

Yeah - that is great news. Take it easy. happy bday to Jim and let's keep the good news coming!