Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the Table... Take 2!

I was on the table, ready, and "full" for those that know what I mean... The US nurse was great, and was talking and keeping us company. Several times she mentioned the Dr. being " any second", but she was looking more nervous as I waited longer and grew more uncomfortable.

We shared some conversation about both good and bad experiences with bladders, Dr.s, and ultrasounds.... As I grew more pained she started calling people and going on walkabout to physically look for the Dr.

After 15 mins of waiting I was seriously feeling green and considered blowing my breakfast. The US nurse came back and said the RE had an emergency OB visit with someone who was "bleeding out", possibly from an ectopic. Since I had no ETA I had her get me down outta the air and let me go pee.

Man - relief is spelled with a capial P.

I hopped back on the table and we found that my bladder was still quite full (TMI, I know) and she could see our objective quite clearly. Then we discussed a "penalty box" for the RE, wherein he'd have to drink 40oz of fluid, lie down in that freezing room for 20 mins with nothing but a sheet. The nurse favored having 3 strangers stare at him while all this occured. :) She mumbled something about insertion of a speculum... I heart my nurse!

The Dr. flew in a few mins later and I was amazed that he was all smiles and handshakes. I don't know HOW he could come from such a sad and potentially life-ending procedure and not have some residul pain on his face.

We exchanged pleasantries - showed photos around of our little boy and we got down to business...

The embryologist - in my opinion the ONLY person I really needed to see - cam in and gave us our report!

Day 5 stats:
5 grade A+ embryos!!!!
3 that haven't made it to Blast, but are STILL growing!

We put back 2, will freeze 3 today, and the others will grow tomorrow and freeze if they are far enough along. How amazing is that? We had a 20% return rate when we had Jim's transfer. I can't imagine what was so much better this time, but I'm happy with the outcome.

I'm nervous now... those embies were 1st-rate per the embryologist, and the idea of twins is a little much for me. Then again, I'm officially PG as of today... That's how hubby and I see it. We just need these little embies hang on tight and we are in the running for more children.

----- Protect the time and space to carry out your dreams -----


Heather said...

But I'm glad he didn't come in all sad - because this is a VERY happy time for you guys.

YAY!! I hope the others keep growing into beauties too!

Furrow said...

Wow! What a day. Stick, embies (or at least emby), stick!

Sounds like you're at a great clinic.

Pam said...

OMG, I can so relate to having to wait for the RE...and then being told just pee "a little". LOL.

Glad you've got such great embryos. Good luck with the 2ww.

ME Gregory said...

What a fabulous report - that's awesome news! PUPO all the way - grow baby grow - we'll pray for 1 healthy baby!!

Shazz said...

Way to go embies!! Now behave and make yourselves at home, trust me it's a very comfy place to be.
It's all crossed for you.

MrsSpock said...

I hope one, and only one, sticks around :)

Stacie said...

FIngers crossed for, are you an early tester?