Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BFN? Cyst Rupture? BFP? Taking Bets Here!

Well, with all that is going on I couldn't resist... I'm 12 days into my 2ww and I tested this morning... BFN.

Let's just say I was pretty optimistic that I would see two lines with all the boob pain I was having. I think this morning I broke the world-record for toilet-sitting with no reading taking place.

I also realized my boobs had stopped hurting. Can you say "Well, fuck"?
Try it with me ladies 1 --- 2 ----- 3----WELL, FUCK!!!

I called the RE, they asked me to come in tomorrow for a Beta. They said that those kinds of pains/symptoms (other than the boob pain) is probably pointing to a cyst rupturing.

I haven't had a cyst rupture before, and it sounds about right that I would be nauseous. So I'm going with it as a good possibility. They said I could still be pregnant, but a HPT might not register this early on.

I'm not really hopeful at this point, just resolved to try again. Depending on the results I may ask hubby about switching to the big guns - IVF.

I'll let you ladies know as soon as I know something!


Baby Blues said...

Day 12 post ovulation could still be too early. Just think of it this way, our cycles may differ in duration but one thing is constant, menses arrive 14 days after ovulation. So anything could happen before that! It may still be floating around there because implantation happens on the 6-12th day post ovulation, and it is only when it implants that it will produce HCG for the PT to detect. Hang in there.

ellie said...

I hope it is too early to tell- I am rooting for you to not have a neg. Good luck with beta.

Nearlydawn said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

I posted an update to the situation, and I'll post beta results later today.

Thanks for being there for me. The blogging thing DOES seem to help.

I remember one time before I was let down after a BFN I didn't have anyone to talk to about it. It really hurt me to the core, and I felt no one understood. My hubby is wonderful, and is always there for me, but can't go through all the pokes, prods, drugs and pain with me.

This community has proved that it is wrong to think you are alone. :)