Thursday, January 11, 2007

First Things First

Why am I writing this blog? Hmmm...

I feel the need to share my story, but don't feel the need to call each of my friends daily to report the Infertility News. Frankly, I don't want people to stop taking my calls. Here's me "Hey! Just wanted to update you on our progress! Just had blood drawn today, took four sticks, yah have bad veins. You know - they roll, then blow...". And after an uncomfortable silence, "We are going for an IUI in 3 days, then another on day 4, then we wait... Blaugh, blaugh, blaugh...".

I like my friends - don't want to do that to them. :)

I wouldn't mind if someone out there got something out of the information I share. For example, I learned from that it is OK to push for what you want with your RE. If you don't feel that they are paying attention, say so. The worse that can happen is you find out they are the wrong RE for you.


I want somewhere to put all of these things I am feeling. Those of you on this ride know what I mean. There is just sooo much to carry around with you. You have to find somewhere to put it, or it will weigh you down.

Hope you will enjoy it, hope I will too. Hope there is eventually a happy ending to this blog - a baby or two with a couple of very proud parents. :)

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