Monday, January 22, 2007

What's That Sign Say???

Warning: Below is the goings-on of a crazy woman, don't let her get to you... Pessimism abounds in this post...

Throwing this out there, cause I'm frustrated and scared and tired... For now though, I'm gonna put my troubles here, cause that's what this site is about, right?

I am today at day 10, after an IUI, and I'm feeling some weird stuff. Gonna call the RE's office tomorrow - don't worry.

Friday: Started feeling like my boobs were sore - not too sore, just wore the wrong bra for too long kinda sore.

Saturday: My boobs were sore - not too sore, just ran into a doorjamb with one kinda sore.

Sunday: My boobs were sore - every few minutes had to wonder if hubby had been beating me up while I slept kinda sore! On top of that had some light cramping, and felt like I had a cyst on my ovary (yeah, I can feel those suckers every time - ouch). I have PCOS and have come to learn what a cyst feels like very intimately -- I think I freak out the US tech with my cyst predictions...

Monday: My boobs were sore AND I felt like I was lightly nauseous most of the work day. I wasn't REALLY SURE I was nauseous until someone kindly brought their lunch back to their desk and the smell wafted by in a popcorn-like sense, only not so tasty-smelling to me! Ohhhh Myyyyy! Where is the damned trashcan - keep it close! I kept a lid on it, but just barely.

Monday night - here's the scary part... my left ovary is hurting and burning somewhat. Good thing is, I'm no longer nauseous, but I'm very, very worried that the pain on my left is more than it should be for a typical cyst.

Scarier still, the left side is the one ovary that actually works... My RE hasn't said anything about the pattern so far, but every time I've ovulated it's be on the left side.

So, gonna call the RE's office tomorrow for sure... Can't wait to find out I have another chemical pregnancy, but this one is in the fallopian tubes!!!!! Man, I'm just gonna crawl in bed for a few weeks if that's the case.

Yes folks, step right up and see the PCOS Woman and her Pessimism - a rare treat!

Ugly post, that's what this is, ugly post. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Oh wait, almost forgot... Hubby told me yesterday that he bought some new Hormel chili because the stuff in the pantry was 4+ years old. So, tonight I made us chili and Fritos - yeah, I know, just the thing for nauseous lady, but hey it sounded good!

Well, later I found out that the chili I fixed was the OLD CAN!!!! He had put it on the counter meaning to throw it out or donate it! I might have considered checking the can for a date, but it was sitting right next to the cereal he bought for me on the same shopping trip! UGH!!!

OK - now I AM gonna be sick.

Just to get hubby's goat I told him, "Great, now tomorrow I won't know if I'm PG or just ate some bad chili!"

OK, smiling again it's taunt the hubby time!!!


Baby Blues said...
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Baby Blues said...

Don't worry, you're not the only one going crazy. Just 5 days post-IUI, I'm already getting anxious!

I hope you don't mind, I placed you in "my support group". This way I could easily access your blog and check on you.

Good luck! I hope everything works out.

The Town Criers said...

Hang in there--when is your beta? Crossing my fingers for you.