Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CD 7 - All IS Well? Hmmm....

Went in today and had a CD 7 Ultrasound and blood draw. :) No, there were no issues with the blood draw. :) I am on Follistim 300 units per day.

They found I had 4 good follicles on the right! :) Whoo hoo! None on the left. :(

Typically, I have 1-2 follicles on the left - not sure why, just usually on the left. So, having more follicles is great!!! :) Who knows if having them be on the right is a good or not. :

I'm going to hope it is a sign of good things to come.... :)


Kris said...

I hope it's a good sign, too. Hope things continue to go well!

ms. c said...

Glad that you had another ok blood draw, and that the follies are growing. Perhaps the right side is a good sign indeed! Keep us posted!