Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another 2WW Update...

I realized I didn't answer an important question in my last post - WHEN DO I TEST???

Sorry about that... I test this Sunday. I must say, for once I'm not looking forward to it. This cycle is scary because I am nearing the end of my TTC rope, and not sure what happens if I let go of it.

Right now, it looks like hubby and I will go for 2 more rounds of Follistim, at the most. After that we may have another discussion about IVF or we may start looking for a child to adopt. Not sure right now, but we know we are not going to do IF treatments indefinitely.

So, I'm not looking forward to this weekend. I'm not optimistic about it. I think it is just going to be more sadness, maybe more like a letdown.

Sorry for all the Eeyore pessimism, but that's how I feel at the moment.



Baby Blues said...

Don't feel sorry about the pessimism. I haven't even triggered and I'm not even in the 2ww but I already have a feeling it's not going to work. I'm actually planning for the next step. I do have hope, but I guess my bruised and bullied hope is hiding behind the big protective pessimism. Pessimism helps me cope. And yes, it's just how I feel too.
Hang in there Dawn!

Mands said...

Can't remember how I got here... anyhoo: Try to be positive, Dawn. It's tough I know... did IUI #2 today, and also with some trepidation. Send your uterus happy thoughts, and don't ever give up! My last post was about when I am feeling less-than-positive about the circumstance I find mydself in, and how I go about feeling better about it. Different things work for different people, but this really helps me. Chin up!

deanna said...

I'm so sympathetic to your feelings of frustration. This crap just gets so OLD....

All the same, I'm wishing you lots of luck, and hoping to hear good news on Sunday! (It's always easier for me to hope for other people than myself, erg...)