Thursday, February 1, 2007

Wedding remembrance...

I was struck tonight by a powerful post by Baby Blue Wedding in Cana. She has captured a new-to-me lesson from the first miracle of Jesus. She talks of Mary asking Jesus to turn water to wine,
"So she had encouraged Him to do some significant work - to do a great miracle. But He said, “No!” His greater miracles would come later. This is a great lesson for us. God does not perform miracles just any time, according to our desires, or when we want them. God plans His miracles. Even though Jesus was unwilling to do exactly what Mary wanted, Jesus was still willing to help, and Mary knew it."
BB goes on to say, "Jesus was prepared to help, not according to Mary’s plan, but according to what fit the purpose of God. God does the same thing for each of us. We may be discouraged, feeling unloved, or feeling all alone, but Jesus has not ignored us. He may be saying, “Not yet! This is not the best time. “I will accomplish it another way.” God is in the business of answering our prayers. Sometimes the answer is, “No” and other times the answer is, “I will do it another way.”
I have to admit, my faith in Jesus is no where near what it once was. I think maybe my wine has run completly dry and I am foolishly looking for a miracle to restore it. However, Jesus is trying to prove anything to me, nor is he working at my command. He has his own scheudule, and here I am without faith that he cares for me. He asks that we have faith... I'm going to need to ask him to help me find mine.
Thanks Baby Blue - for posting your message. It was like you were talking to me, right to my heart.

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Baby Blues said...

I honestly feel like a lost sheep or the prodigal daughter after discovering about my IF. So many questions of faith, "Why me? Why us? What did I do to deserve this? Was my being faithful and obedient not enough? What does He want of me?"

Although I may have strayed, I know deep in my heart He knows me and He knows what I'm going through. So I pray lifting everything to Him in faith. But to totally surrender is very difficult, so I pray for strength and acceptance.

I'm glad that Gospel touched you the way it moved me. Sometimes it's difficult to comprehend His plan for us, but by faith we just trust that He knows what's best.