Monday, February 26, 2007

You want the Good news, or the Bad news first?

I have been living it up, see I've Had Some FUN ... I have been a good baaaad girl. :)

Have you ever taken an HPT sort-of out of spite? Well, I did Friday night, and my body got me good!!!!

Yep, got the BFP!!!

That's right - I bawled my eyes out when 2 very sharp lines popped up immediately!!!!!!

I took the test because I was mad at hubby (for no reason), cranky as all get-out, and my boobs felt like they were gonna explode if I so much as touched them. So - I took an HPT sort-of out of spite - to prove to my body that it should STOP IT ALREADY!

So, how did I break the happy news?

Instead of being happy, I fumbled my way down the stairs and through the hall, unable to see through the tears. I cried all over a very confused hubby. I think Blubbering Idiot would best describe my method of telling him. He couldn't understand why I wasn't ecstatic! He was, to tell you the truth, quite scared by my reaction.

He became more scared when I poured out all the awful things I had been up to over the past week. Let me tell you, he looked shocked! He knows how restrained I have been since we started this IF journey...

Once I had calmed down, we had a nice long talk about all the things I had been doing... He was sooo sweet! He helped me think through how many vitamins I had skipped, then he helped me search through the pantry to figure out if I had accidentally eaten enough Folic Acid. We looked up the grams of caffeine you can have, and both just we wrote off the alcohol as spilt milk (pun intended).

And, I explained that having my period means it probably wouldn't survive, so we will have to possibly "do something" to avoid ectopic complications. And I just don't WANT to do this all again... Some of you know all too well that being a little pregnant can be much worse than not being pregnant at all. :(

I called my RE's office on Saturday morning - they do procedures on weekends, but don't do betas. I got nowhere with them, so I had to wait until today. I'm now waiting for the HCG results...

I am looking for my results to be in the 1000 range if all is OK.

Let this story be a lesson to all of you out there in Blogland... Don't Let this Happen To You!!

Get a Beta ANYWAY!!!

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Kristy said...

Oh my gosh! Can't wait to hear your beta and praying that all is well with that bun in the oven!