Saturday, February 3, 2007

CD 10 News, UIU on CD 11, and a clown...

Yesterday I went in for a follow-up US and more blood work - Yay. Not.

I was even more of a star pupil today! I had a toal of 11 - count'em 11 eggs!!!!! Hubby asked if we were going to have an automatic baseball team... I laughed pretty hard at that, and if I hadn't had a talk with the RE nurse already I would have been just a little scared!

Nope, no baseball team - only 6 of the eggs are mature enough to be viable. So they have scheduled my IUI for tomorrow to ensure that no additional ones are able to get mature enough to use.

It was explained to me that anything over 6 eggs was a concern, because we REALLY aren't trying for triplets. There are too many complications to name when you hit that level. I am not saying I wouldn't welcome and want 3 children - No, but the health of the children and mother are at stake when you get above 2. Also, I would not look forward to a few months of bed rest - I am very fidgety when I'm bored. :)

As for the IUI, we did that today... Hubby and I have a now-standard IUI joke, wherein I say to Dr. Whoever, "Where are my clowns?", to which the Dr. usually looks surprised and unsure of how to respond. My hubby and I just laugh because he obviously doesn't know about the Clown study.

Try this out on your Dr. it is a lot of IUI fun to watch their reactions. :)

This time though, the joke was on us... It turns out this Dr. took the study results in stride, and he has a keen sense of humor. He was a COMPLETE HOOT! He told us a completely politically incorrect, yet true, story about his daughter and a "talking" car. He told it using his homeland Cuban accent (which was totally absent before the joke). He had us rolling - I think I shed tears I was laughing so hard.

We had such fun talking over his routine after he left... All it took was just a minute more of his time, but it set my mind at ease. :) He said, "There you go! If you get pregnant we will have completed our study of one!".


We go in tomorrow for a follow-up IUI. Send In The Clowns!!!


Kris said...

Good for your doc! And good luck!

Baby Blues said...

Send in the clowns for me too. That's so nice of your doctor. I'll keep that in mind.

Nothing but funny thoughts for us! : )

Anonymous said...

Good Luck To You!!!! :)

Mands said...

I am holding thumbs for you on both of your IUI's.
Your doc's a keeper!