Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Numbers Update...

Beta is now 7966.

Not quite doubled, but close. Up from 4500. The Dr. says this is OK, and should ease most of my worries. They said it does not have to be exactly double.

Probably not twins, or it would have gone up over double with no problems. Happy if I can just have one - just one.

RE is moving my US up from next Friday to this Friday to help ease my worries.

I'm worried because I have had quite a bit of pain and spotting since last night at about 9 PM. I am told not to worry, and not to borrow trouble, but I just want to lay down and cry my eyes out.

No, it won't help, and my face will look like crap, but I am finding I am losing the battle against this storm of emotions.

I do not want to loose this baby, but I also don't want to hold out too much hope on keeping a baby that just will not be.

Very sad today... Very sad indeed.


Baby Blues said...

Oh Dawn, I hope it's nothing and everything turns out great. Hang in there. Praying for a smooth pregnancy.

Mands said...

Oh man. Let's hope it's nothing, and that your scan reveals a wonderful surprise.
Thinking of you.

Gil said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you that it's absolutely nothing. My thoughts are with you Dawn. Hang in there. Just hold on. *hugs*

Hopeful Mother said...

I think your numbers look good and strong, and will keep hoping for great results at your scan.

Susan said...

Oh, hang in there girl. Sending lots of hope your way.