Thursday, July 5, 2007

Beta 2 - 14dp3dt

The results of our second beta came in this afternoon while we were watching a live presentation on Gullah/Geechee life and language at Boone Hall Plantation, just outside of Charleston, SC. I had to get up and excuse myself from the crowd - rude, I know, but I SOOOO wanted those beta results. I apologized to the speaker after the show for interrupting her great presentation. She kindly said she hadn't noticed.

I wondered over under a 300 year old Live Oak on the allee leading up to the mansion... The wind was blowing cool marsh breezes over the plantation. The cell reception was bad, and I barely heard my nurse say that my beta numbers more than doubled! I asked her again what the number was, because I wasn't sure I heard right... We needed to get to 640, and we got to 708!!! Whooo hooo!!! :)

She also said that my proges.terone numbers were really good (43) from Tuesday's test and to keep on my same dose. No problem! :)

I asked what she thought about the possibility of more than one baby. She said she didn't think so, but that you couldn't really tell from the numbers. Not what I've heard from you guys and your REs, but I'm thinking she doesn't want to get my hopes too high. I'm still a little bit hopeful, especially with the reports from Gemini and Stacie. However, I am going to try not to get too wrapped up in the idea until I've seen the US. It is definitely niggling at my brain though. :)

I have an appointment for next Thursday morning to run beta number 3. If all is still going well we will have our first ultrasound early the next week (wk of the 16th). At that point I should be 6 wks along give or take a day.

I asked how doing IVF affects the "due date" and was told that it does take some days out of the normal cycle, so while I tomorrow I'll be at 5 calendar weeks I am officially considered to be at 4 1/2 weeks on the IVF-adjusted calendar.

I just looked up the due date - first time ever... It would be Monday, March 10th. This makes me 4 wks 3 days pregnant. :)

I sooooo want a pregnancy ticker, but I think I'll wait until the ultrasound. I want to know there is a heartbeat, and then I think I will let my hair down, sigh a big sigh, and will do all the things newly-pregnant non-IF women take for granted - like enjoy this special time and GLOW.

I told my best friend DD that I would want to go shopping for my first-ever baby purchase as soon as that US shows us a heartbeat. I have never let myself buy something for baby - something just for baby.

Yeah, I bought some curtains recently for the hopefully eventually nursery, but they were on sale and are grown-up enough to be practical right now. I plan to put them up when I get home... However, I haven't let myself even so much as dream the look of the actual nursery.

Also, once we have a heartbeat I want to tell our families (Mom doesn't know yet) and I'm thinking up creative ways to break the news... I'm looking for ideas ladies - how did you break the news to your families??? ESPECIALLY if your parents live out of town (mine are 5 hrs away). Nooooo idea is too silly, trust me !!!

On to the medical side of things... My BOOBS HURT!!!! They have started hurting not only when I accidentally bump one, but also when I'm just sitting there, not even considering them. OUCH!

OH, and the need to eat... I'm not ravenous between meals or even antsy when meal time comes around, but MAN let me miss a meal by a few minutes and my tummy lets me know in the most uncomfortable fashion imaginable. This afternoon we were about 1 1/2 hrs late eating and I thought for SURE I was gonna be sick from the signals in my stomach - I was so nauseous. It is a wee too early to be getting morning sickness, but I think my body just realized how hungry it was and got confused - since being nauseous hasn't been known to make me hungry before. LOL

PIOs are going good... Bo and I have gotten into a rhythm about it. I setup the shot and he goes through with the sticking me part. He has stopped apologizing for causing pain though - that is a relief to me. :) I know he hates sticking me, but we have to do it and we are committed to it.

The He.parin has left the most unusual tracks across my tummy... I have what looks like a Connect-the-Dots puzzle from one side to the other! Man, it is scary looking. I'm glad to be doing these shots though - they may just be the key to the whole thing.

Lastly, we are still having a good time at the beach. Family, food, fun - good times I tell you. Last night we had one of the cousins announce her pregnancy. I longed to announce ours too, but knew it was too soon. Way too soon. We haven't even told our immediate families yet (the group is mostly made up of Bo's Aunt's kids and their kids).

Also, I learned something so important from all of you out there - it is NOT nice to steal someone's thunder. No matter how much you want to say ME TOO it is going to leave hurt and pain in the heart of the person you "added on" to. Before IF, and hearing your stories, I wouldn't have thought of it - it never occurred to me because it hadn't happened to me. Thank you so much for your insights it made it easier to bear not being able to share our news. :)

I've rambled on long enough I guess... Let me say I've cherished getting all the notes of love and support from you guys. I'm so glad I am able to share this with you guys. Thank you for being there for me.


Stacie said...

Wonderful, wonderful!!! I really am so happy for you. Keep riding this high--you have earned it!

(I've been checking for your update all day!)

Tam said...

That is just wonderfull news sweetie, I am so very pleased for you!!

Can't wait to see those numbers go up and up and up!! Not long till the scan now...can't wait for that either.

Enjoy it :)

Samantha said...

I'm so glad the numbers more than doubled. That sounds really healthy!

Gemini Girl said...

I still think it might be twins. But of course- you never know. I knew it was a possibility with us since they did insert 2, but my mind couldnt register that amount of joy. I was happy to know I was pg with one- let alone 2?

Whatever the amount- it is a blessing from GD. He knows exactly what to give us- and what we can handle.

I am so happy for you it's unbelieveable. I was just there 2 months ago. It seems like yesterday.

Let your cousin have her time in the sun.. because you better believe that you will outshine her with your news (especially if people know that it took you a while to get pg).

My cousin announced her pg two weeks ago- and she's due at the same time as me. I said let her have her moment- but unless she pops out two or more, I have her beat :)

-On a side note..... I told my father in a cute way. My mom was on the phone with me 5 minutes after I got the results so I had to tell her. I decided to surprise my dad, because I love his reactions. I was having dinner with them one night and beforehand I purchased a bib that said "I love my grandpa". I wrapped it up and said it was a fathers day gift (although it was mothers day) he felt bad that i had mixed up the holidays and said he wouldnt open the gift until fathers day. I told him to go ahead and open it. He did. And the look on his face was priceless.

megan said...

congratulations!! that's really great news, and nice strong numbers.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!!

topcat said...

Dawn that's fantastic, congratulations! :)