Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beta # 3 Tomorrow...

Well ladies, I'm feeling a bit less stressed after that US this week. I was sooo worried that I couldn't quit stressing, but now I feel pretty secure that everything is probably OK. I realize bad things can happen, for sure, but for right now it is a tiny bit easier to relax.

Tomorrow is Beta # 3, which should tell me if everything is still clicking along as planned. The next hurdle after that will be the 7 wk US on Monday the 23rd.

We are seeing my parents this weekend and, if the 3rd beta is ok, I'm thinking of telling them about our news. I haven't decided for sure, for sure, for sure, but I'm getting into the idea. So, I probably will.

I think I might just take the chance... You see, I've never shared our good news when we had it to share. I've always waited to tell them and each time things have gone wrong and I've called my Mom upset that it didn't work. Don't you think they deserve to get some good news this time, while it is good news? Rather than just finding out when things have gone wrong and being part of mopping up the pieces? Feel free to disagree - I need help making my decision...

BTW - I LOVED Gemini's idea of using the bib to convey the news. So, I'm thinking of buying either bibs or some booties (maybe one of each) and giving them to my parents to open. I am tearing up just thinking about it. I so want them to be happy, but of course it will take this whole thing working out for them to truly be happy.

I wish we were going up the weekend after the US instead... That would make me feel more confident in my news. *sigh*

So hit me with your best assvice... I really need it right now.

Also, thanks everyone for making me feel OK about not reading blogs for a bit. It helped me get through a few scary days. I started back reading last night and was totally OK. I realized that my own anxieties and fears were what was keeping me locked out of the blogverse... Thank you for helping me be OK with what I was feeling and coming back on my own time. :)

Lastly, you guys should see my tummy NOW! It totally doesn't look all cute and "welcome home" anymore. It looks more like the scene of a crime! Bo has seen it and says I look like I've been beaten up... The Hep.arin shots have left me with bruises from one end of my abdomen to the other - they have turned a putrid shade of greeny-yellow. NICE! Two shots a day - fun, fun, fun. I'm running out of non-bruised places to shoot. I'll take a pic if I get the nerve...

I talked to my fav RE Nurse about the bruising... She said they might switch me to a different med once I've hit 12 wks. Starts with an "L" but I can't remember it right now. She said it is once-a-day and should give me some relief from the bruising. I can't even imagine making it to 12 wks, so I got a little thrill from her idea. She said it like it would really happen - it is the little things we hold on to, isn't it. :)


Amy R said...

Oh I think a bib or booties is such a lovely idea!! Good luck on US #3; I'm hoping all is okay :)

Gemini Girl said...

Well, I am excited my idea is something you might do. My father was soo happy and surprised I almost saw a tear in his eye (Ive never seen him cry before). Just make sure they open it up together-at the same time!

I think you shoud share with your parents. I cant imagine not telling my own. I didnt tell my mother everything at first (with regards to the first steps taken at the clinic) but then I figured that I would need her support during the time. She really was supportive-( running to the store to buy me milk of magnesia a few days after my retrieval because I was crying from not being able to go to the bathroom)...Plus its great to get special treatment from those around you (I am so milking it)

I have a good feeling about this pregnancy.... just keep positive. You will make it to 12 weeks, then 20, then 38. Enjoy this time in your life- It didnt come easily.

Samantha said...

I agree with gemini girl, share with your parents, since if you were going to tell them if you had a BFN, you should tell them now, unless you feel like they'll tell the whole world the news and you don't want that. I can understand why you might want to keep it close until the ultrasound, and hopefully they'd be able to honor that as well.

BTW, the other med is probably lo.venox. It's a blood thinner that you only have to take once a day.

ultimatejourney said...

I don't get a third beta, but I'm looking forward to your numbers tomorrow. How fun that our due dates are so close. In fact, my first u/s is the day after yours! I can't wait!

Hopeful Mother said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I just caught up with your news.

I was on heparin shots initially (up until about 12 weeks) and then we switched to once-a-day Lovenox which I will be on until 34 wks (it is MUCH better!). Just before delivery, they will switch you back to heparin so you could have an epidural.

To cut down on bruising, try using an ice pack to numb the area before, and after the shot. It won't eliminate it altogether, but it does help. The other thing - look at your belly in the mirror in bright light so you can avoid hitting blood vessels. I've found that when the shots bleed, they always bruise.