Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wishing for Good Food...

As you read this, please remember I wouldn't give up my current state for the world. So all that follows is just whinging and describing my current situation for posterity. It is not meant to imply true unhappiness or a desire for anything to change my PG status anytime soon (no sooner than 8 months please!).

I am experiencing something very different for me... A personal kind of torture, made just for me I think.

See, I am a Foodie. I love food. I'm a large woman because of this love, but it is quite a powerful love. I love the taste of good food about as much as I like good sex. I think the two things cause similar reactions in my brain - except for the orgasm part. I don't think I've ever actually had an orgasm from food - but I've probably come close over real French desserts. MMMMmmmm!

OK, so lately, my personal torture has been that nothing tastes good. Even foods I want, that sound good for a moment, do not satisfy me once I've gotten that food. I can't eat my craving because the actual food is distasteful to me. For a Foodie this is torture. It's like all food is an illusion - an illusion that the food will be wonderful and good. I can see this food, but the moment I get it into my grasp it turns sour and off-color.

However, I have had some interesting levels of weight loss lately. I've watched 10 lbs melt away like butter on a hot day. I've got way more than 10 lbs to loose though, so it should be OK. I am eating - and I am NOT dieting - don't worry about that. Every two hours I have to eat something or else I feel sick to my stomach.

I've talked to my Dr. about it and he assures me I'm getting enough to eat. I'm also eating more healthy, which is probably adding to the weight loss.

I'm eating fruit for most of my mini-meals... Yep, fruit. It is about all I can stand besides bread at the moment. Oh, that and Indian food. For some reason I can eat Indian without too much danger of feeling nauseous. YAY! I love Indian. MMMMMMmmmmm... Of course, it is too heavy and full of calories for me to eat it for every meal. That and I can't cook it myself, so it's a bit too expensive. :)

Just doing all this thinking about food is making me not feel so well. I'm not getting full blown morning sickness - knock on wood *knock* *knock* - thank goodness. However, I still feel pretty queasy in general throughout the day - mostly feels like I've eaten too much or I've not eaten at all. It really doesn't seem to matter whether I've actually eaten or not.

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still a bit tired and want to nap a lot, but not so that I can't function.

Bo has scanned Monday's US pic - I should be able to post it soon. :) You all will get to meet GB (gummy bear) formally then! I can't wait. LOL I'm betting you guys won't be able to make out too much... The pic isn't nearly as clear as the monitor was.

Well, I'm off to bed. Hope everyone is having a good one! Take care!


Allformybaby said...

Right there with ya!! Sometimes I want something so bad I will make hubs get in the car to go get it from the store only to take one bite and almost need to spit it out. Waiter's often ask me if something is wrong with the food they served me. My only reply, "It was great 5 minutes ago!" Hubs is a foodie so he always wants to eat here and there. I have become more familiar with the appetizer portion of all our favorite resturants now. That way 1)If I suddenly don't like it, no big loss and 2)By the time I am done with it I am full for the next couple hours. Congrats on your graduation!

ultimatejourney said...

I haven't had a problem with food actually tasting bad, but nothing (other than crackers) sounds very appealing. I'm forcing myself to eat some balanced meals, but it's not fun. Usually, I love to eat, so this is definitely disappointing.

Kate said...

Yes, I miss good food. I miss it a lot.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all things food.

Sticky Bun said...

So glad that the u/s went well! Hope you start feeling better soon!

Furrow said...

Hey! Here you are! It seems like I couldn't access your profile the last time I tried, and couldn't find your blog.

I can sympathize on the food thing. I had about 5 weeks that were pretty rough (6-11). For one thing, I couldn't stand dark chocolate, which is my favorite. I hope it passes for you like it did for me. I can still taste and smell things more strongly than before, but that's kind of a good thing. I seem especially sensitive to processed foods. I can really taste the preservatives and other yucky stuff. Makes me eat more fresh food, so it's good.

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

I love Indian food too! Eat up!