Saturday, July 7, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Just wanted to check in and say "Hey"! We're back from the beach!

Everything is going along as expected. I'll be catching up on blogs this evening...

This morning I had a few minutes of panic because I felt odd - well, the problem was I didn't feel as PG as I've been feeling the last few days. Suddenly I realized something could be wrong, so I started pressing my boobs and searching for the constant heartburn feelings. No heartburn was present, but the boob pain was consistent, so I relaxed a bit. I remember with my pregnancies that didn't go well the boob pain was the 1st thing to go, almost instantly. Weird how that works, huh?

We had our very first "baby" conversation on our long ride home (5 hrs). Bo brought it up... I was surprised at first, because he hasn't really had anything to say about thing related to when baby is here. It seemed like he wasn't thinking about it at all.

We talked about the nursery, and which room it would be. He was thinking we would use his current office since it has a built-in changing table in the closet. He would then move his office into our smallest guest room. However, his office is really so small that you would want to move the child out of that room once they were over 2, and if we had 2 babies there is no way it would be big enough. Really, it is the very smallest room in the house (maybe 9 x 8). Our closet is bigger.

I told him I wanted our baby to have the best bedroom, which is currently a very pretty guest room. He can still move his office into the 2nd bedroom as he wanted. We do not have guests enough to need to save the prettiest room for them. Also, we would still have 2 other rooms that can serve as nice guest rooms - the smallest bedroom and our library. Frankly, the library makes the nicest guest room of all, and it is on the main floor.

I think I won the discussion. :) I didn't even have to tell him I already bought cute curtains for that room. :) Yay me!

Right now Bo is unpacking the car and told me to get some kitty time - a.k.a doesn't want me lifting stuff. :) Humphries is doing just fine and seems a bit skinnier, which is good.

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Chili said...

Yay for winning! And yay for continuing boob pain! ;)