Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Fun Things in 24 Hours

Jim has begun to be able to entertain himself for more than a few minutes - generally reading a book, playing with a toy, or doing a puzzle. Las night, he was sitting next to me on the couch doing a puzzle. With each piece he would mimick the animal's sound.
Mooo, quack quack, he he he he (that's a horse, they aparently laugh), and there were a few he couldn't name.

After a moment he looked up, apearing to be finished, but instead he looked quizically at me and said in a questioning voice, "meow?". I pointed to our cat. He looked, then shook his head no. Again he said in a questioning voice, "meow?". then he pointed to the puzzle.

I was stunned.... There was a very small kitty on the board were a hayloft puzzle piece should be. He was ASKING me where the kitty puzzle piece was!!!!! OMG! I was so terribly amazed and proud. I quickly found the piece, he put it into place and said proudly, "All Done!".

You can imagine I kissed and cuddled him and was so terribly happy for my boy. Wow, just wow.

Later in the evening, he wasn't being so angelic... I resorted to the countdown. You know, the one where your mother looks at you sternly and says, "1... 2...", and you'd better hope like crazy you stop what you are doing before she gets to "3". Yeah, that.

I have been using a modified version, wherein "3" ends with a Jim-sized timeout with no toys or touching whatever he was messing with. I wouldn't really call it time out, because he is allowed to interact with Mommy, and he can play with me if he chooses to be nice.

Anyway... Jim was banging the back of his head into our glass fireplace doors (not hard, it was freaking Daddy out though). So, I corrected him, then started the countdown... Do it with me...

1, with one finger held high - "Jim you'd better stop or you'll have to get down!"

2, with two fingers held high - "that's not nice Jim, Mommy said stop, I'm going to make you get down."

Jim paused in his head-banging, looked at me so happy and yelled

"THREE!!!!" in his highest, most excited voice.

I was soooo shocked and amused that I could barely contain myself. Hubby and I laughed and laughed.

Jim clapped at his cleverness. Beautiful boy!

So, what is the 3rd fun thing?? I've had mild nausea all day today, and I'm famished! I can't seem to get enough to eat, but I don't WANT to eat, because my tummy is kinda green.

I'm OK with it though - I know it is a pretty good sign that my HCG is going up. I stayed this way for about 8 wks with Jim, and while I don't look forward to it, I'll take it as a good sign.

*knock on wood*

Funny enough, work kinda sucked today, but all the rest made it quite bearable!

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