Monday, August 24, 2009

Relief and Nausea

Yeah, yeah, I know...  I should stop stressing.
I got my numbers, and a case of nausea at the same time... 
HCG  5219
estriodail 304
Progesterone 8.3  <--- it's increasing naturally, but not over the "normal" threshold yet. 
I need my progesterone # to get to somewhere around 15 - 20 before I can stop taking progesterone suppositories, I think.


MrsSpock said...

Stop stressing? is that possible? I think my progesterone was 20.1, and that was my REs cutoff for supplementation.

Furrow said...

Hooray for nausea! Yeah, the worry is crazy making. I'll be relieved, too, when nausea kicks in. So you can stop p supps when you reach that threshold? My p was 25 and I'm still taking suppositories, only because my nurse didn't tell me to stop.

Continuing good pregnancy vibes for you!

Portia P said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog and CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great time to visit you and your blog.

I'll make sure I stick around to see how things go.

I can admit to you that i'm TOO envious. How many did you have frozen? I've one, sad embryo locked away somewhere from nearly 3 years ago!