Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uterine Aggression

I am being pummeled from the inside. Ugh.

The RE nurse said my uterine irritability would go away if I were to drink more water. I should have clarified "more", because damn it I'm drinking more but I'm still getting beat up!

Just before heading home from work I visited the ladies room. I wasn't feeling too good - and I saw a light brushing of pink on the TP. After that is when the agression started. My ute tightened up - not like a cramp though - more like Braxton Hics felt. Very odd thing to feel...

Know this though, I didn't panic, still haven't, even with all the agressive uterine antics.

I've told hubby the basics, and that I'm not cooking tonight (thank you Hamburger Helper). I came in and I set it up for him and went to relax.

20 mins later I'm eating dinner in hubbys fav recliner. ;)

I'm guessing I'll call the RE tomorrow to see if we need some intervention.

Why is it that infertility problems and worries never seem to end?
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MrsSpock said...

Is this something that happens in second pregnancies? I have no clue...I hope everything is OK.

ME Gregory said...

keep us posted. I hope everything stays ok.