Monday, February 4, 2008

35 Wk Update - Peri Appt and 2WW

Well, I seem to have done well at managing my GD diet. :) The baby is measuring in around 7 lbs, which is still big, but not out of the ballpark of reasonable. The amniotic fluid is now within upper-normal ranges, which is very good indeed!

The Peri liked the GD numbers, but asked me to watch my daily fasting numbers in case they start to get out of hand. It seems that gestational diabetes gets harder to control as your pregnancy progresses. So, we'll see...

The baby is back head down again!! Wooo Hooo!! Gotta love that! When we found that it had flipped back to breech last week I was so disheartened and would have voted for an immediate C-section just to be done with all the trouble. :( Yah, I know, silly idea, but one that was very appealing non-the-less, even though it WAS NOT on offer by any of my Drs.

It really is amazing how far up and down the roller coaster goes based on this news or that isn't it?

So, overall the pregnancy seems to be on track again, and we are looking at a guesstimated arrival between 37 and 38 wks. I'm guessing they won't let me go much beyond 38 1/2 wks due to the baby's weight - it should be hovering at 9 1/2 lbs by then, at least.


Thank you to everyone for your advice and insight on cord blood banking. I've checked into the free donor programs, but there are none that participate with my hospital. That is kinda sad too, since my hospital does the most births in the US - bar none. Anyway, I don't have any options for that. The only option then becomes the self-banking, which is mucho-expensive for people down to one income. It is about $2000 to get setup - not chump change. I'm thinking that unless I get a job offer within the next 2 wks I'll have to forego it.


OOOoh, just realized something... I am technically in another 2ww, aren't I? Funny how that particular devil never really goes away. :\

Also, Blogger's spellcheck isn't working so - don't sweat it if you see a typo! LOL :)


Samantha said...

At least you know the outcome of this tww, even if you don't know the exact day, right? :)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

You are really getting close, aren't you? Has it sunk in yet?

Shelby said...

Congrats on controlling your GD! Good luck with keeping it that way! Just about 2 more weeks to go- that's so exciting!!