Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nursery Photos!!!

Below are unedited photos of the nursery! One thing to note is that all of the purple (some look more like blue) colors in the room are actually the same color purple, but you know how pictures are - different materials show up different colors. Meh.

I painted all of the shelves and wall hangings myself. They look particularly blue in the pics, which is frustrating to me. :) I am looking forward to hanging the dragonfly canvases - there is one that is blank, but it is just waiting for the baby's name.

The dollhouse is the one I referred to before. My Daddy made it for me for my 5th Christmas. I can't tell you the amount of mileage that one dollhouse has on it. The best part? It spins!

It is sitting on a pedestal, which puts it at about seated-child height. The pedestal is setup so that the whole house spins on its axis, which makes it VERY easy to play with, even as an adult. :) It is less back-breaking than a typical floor-bound house. Not that I'd know... Not that I've had two 4 yr old girls make me get my barbies out recently. No, not me!

BTW - the consignment sale was GREAT! I really racked up! They have this sale every 6 months, so I'll extend an open invitation now to those that would like to join me for the next one! :) They had baby and kids toys, gear, clothes, and everything else you can imagine. The clothes ranged from NB to preteen for both boys and girls. It was like going to Bab.ies R Us on consignment. To weird, but wonderful.

I found a changing table I really like, and hubby agrees it goes perfectly in our downstairs bathroom - it doesn't look so much like a changing table, which is good for our decor. :) That and a couple of toys that will be great for baby. :)

I also bought lots of unisex clothes, and I splurged on some gender-specific things for both girls and boys. I got whole bags of socks/hats/booties/bibs for $ 2-3 each. My favorite buy of the day was a take-home outfit for a boy. I saw this same romper at a boutique for $80, and I lusted over it. Today I found very much the same thing, new, for $15. Woo Hoo! Score!

I wore myself out, and had to come home and take a nap, but man I felt good about spending my money well. Hubby agrees that I did very well, which of course makes me feel even better about my day.

On to the pictures!


Stacie said...

It's beautiful! I love the colors. You are quite the talent, aren't you!?

Glad you have fun shopping. There is nothing like the high from getting things on sale... :-)

Samantha said...

Your nursery is beautiful! I really like the paint color your chose and the coat rack/shelf.

ultimatejourney said...

Great job with the nursery! It's spectacular!

Kate said...

It looks really good - very nice colors.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

It looks just beautiful! And a big congrats on making it to full-term.

Now remember that I'm in the pool for the beginning of your 38th week, okay?

I'm just sayin'...

aims said...

I love the nursery! I tried to vote for the 39th week - but poll is closed...ah well....I'm happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Clothes in the closet are definately for a little boy. What a lucky little fella.