Friday, February 15, 2008

Picture Pages...

OK, several of you have asked for pictures... Gemini Girl REALLY wants to know what the deal is with no pictures of me, ever. Well, I'll tell you what the deal is - I don't have any. No shit, really don't have any. Oh, and I HATE posting multiple pictures on Blogger - I CANNOT get it to just freaking post my pictures like I want them. OMG!!!!!

- I've taken pre-pictures of the nursery, but none of the finished nursery. Unfortunately, I have a cold, so I can't go in and put away the things from the shower yet. I don't want my first present to baby to be a really nasty cold.
- I've had pictures taken at our showers, but no one has sent me any of them.
- I've had belly pictures made at a studio, but we just got them back and haven't scanned them in yet (I gave them to hubby to do last night).

So, I don't really have a thing about pictures of me or my home, other than just not having them to share. I'm totally proud of my belly - I actually think I'm totally cute pregnant! :) When I get my pics scanned in I'll let you all be the judge. I actually happen to have before and after photos in the same outfit. BTW - this paragraph sounds to me like I'm really frustrated, I'm totally not, but I can't seem to re-word it so it doesn't sound off-putting. :)

I did talk to Mom just a minute ago, and I was reading my email at the same time, so I got Gemini's prodding. I asked Mom to make me a CD of the pics she took this past weekend. :) But, I won't have them until she shows up for baby day. LOL

Below are some "room in progress" pictures to help tide you over until the pics of the bump are posted:

Newly Painted, but not furnished... The stuff on the bed is the future changing table and my dollhouse from when I was a baby. I'll have to get some better pics of the house - it is amazing. My Daddy (aka Santa) made it for me when I was 5. :)

Dragonflies mobile I made for baby's room:

A demo I setup for hubby using baby's first teddybear - I needed some way to show him how to put baby into the new car seat!


MrsSpock said...

We painted our nursery a similar color. Can't wait to see the final results!

m said...

Love the color!

Hey, I just went to approve your comment and it went missing! :(

Just wanted to say thanks for the props and didn't want you to be surprised when you didn't see it. It's my dumb fault. But I DID read it and I did appreciate it. Thanks again.

ME Gregory said...

Hey there - I'm a friend of Stacie's, we met on the an infertility thread on the pregnancy-info site. I've been reading your blog for awhile from a link on her site. Anyway - I love your dragonfly mobile and was wondering if you can share more about how you made it? It is so cute and I might like to do something similiar but with butterflies for my daughter's room - I'm due May 4! Hope everything keeps going well for you and wish you a safe, quick delivery so you can see your beautiful baby. Take care! Meme