Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's That Sucking Sound?!?!?

Well, that sound is me deciding to suck it up, folks. I've decided what the PLAN is going to be.

I wrote to my OB last night and asked very politely for an induction this week, based on the pending "big baby". He said no dice, based on Rule # 1. He will let me schedule an induction to start next Tuesday, but he is not budging from the 39 wk rule.

So, I've resolved to stop being frustrated that there are no choices I want. I say Fuck it all. I'll just freakin' do a planned C-section on Wednesday, since it is already scheduled. At least then I have an end date in place and these what-if's will stop haunting me. The only caveat is that if the baby decides to come on its own in the meantime we'll give the old vajajay a go. :)

So, part 2 of the plan... I've begun threatening the baby that if it doesn't come on its own this week/weekend I'm going to come in and get it on Wed.

The reasoning done before I settled on a decision...

Bo's opinion, which I did solicit before making my decision, is that I should try an induction, seeing as the worst possible case is that they do a C-section anyway. Wherein I reminded him that having a C-section isn't the worst - stuck baby, C-section on a crashing baby due to induction stress, forceps/assisted delivery, broken collar bones, and 48 hrs of labor are worst case. Then I apologized, because he was simply thinking either/or and didn't need me to pounce on him.

But, know that he does tend to forget about all the bad things that happen when vaginal labor goes wrong. He really sees it as extremely likely that it will go just fine, since everyone else he knows has done fine. Um, I was a very good girl... I resisted telling him that he doesn't get all the gory details, like I do... I know of every stitch, tear, labor hours, and complication of most of the women we know. I didn't ask them either, it is some kind of weird hazing ritual, I think. So, let's not buy into the Southern Belle fairy-tale bullshit wholesale - k?

I called Mom and asked her if she thought this sounded crazy - to not even attempt an induction. She said that no, she'd make the same choice, she thinks. Mostly because we already know this baby is big, regardless of giving it another week. Also, inductions are quite painful, have all those possible unhappy outcomes, tend to take a really long time, and so often lead to a C-section anyway.

Also, a bonus to having a plan is that I can rearrange my 2-story house so that all the baby care supplies are downstairs. One super-extra-hidden bonus to a C is that you aren't supposed to climb stairs - supposedly for about 2 wks. First I'd heard of this was on Sunday - you could have knocked me over with a feather. I really hadn't thought about it. I've also prepped Mom to be available to stay for at least 2 wks.

See - planning - it's a good thing!

I'm done messing around, people!

8 days and counting!


Thalia's Child said...

I had this angst too. I've heard of far far more inductions gone horribly awry than c-sections.

If you feel comfortable with the decision to have a section, go for it. You do have risks that pre-dispose you to the need for one anyhow.

Also? What is with the need to share the horror stories with pregnant women? I think that's the most evil thing a person can do. I'm all about sharing the trauma after the fact, but while there's a pending delivery sitting in the room? Not a chance!

orodemniades said...

Good for you. Now you've got an end game and in another week she'll be here! Woot!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I agree that women who feel they need to share birth horror stories need to be spanked. Hard. What is that about? A way of proving how big your balls are? (Sorry. This really ticks me off).

It sounds like you made a reasonable decision based on the options you had. And with your particular set of risks, I agree that a C-section is most likely safer for you both.

Now that you have that settled, though, try (and I know how hard it is) to relax and take it as easy as you can for the next week. Please??

ms. c said...

Glad you've got yourself a plan!! I'll be checking on you daily.

Samantha said...

Boy, what a roller coaster! Well, it sounds like you have a plan in place that will now carry you through. C-sections are definitely major surgery, but I know you're well aware of that, and it sounds like you've thought it through with care.

Gil said...

It sure sounds like you have a great plan in the works! Remember to keep it semi-flexible though; life can throw the strangest things at you, can't it!? Still here and still reading. And eagerly awaiting your special day. Keep us posted. Sending you many hugs; enjoy your week to the fullest!

Stacie said...

It always feels better to have a plan. I am hoping that this plan helps to ease your mind a little. Dawn, I am so excited that the baby will be here in what 5 days? A lifetime away for you, I am sure, but just around the corner, too.

Have hubby take you out and pamper you before the baby comes...it could be anything, a movie, dinner, anything. It will give you a chance to spend some quality time together before the baby tornado hits your household!

Sending love,