Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Gymnist In The Making? Or How Fun Can L&D Roulette Be?

Well, I'm exhasted, so this is going to be short...

Earlier today I felt what appeared to be 2 "gushes" of amnio fluid, and my contractions started up in earnest. Not terribly painful, but very much like those you get during those first days of a period.

So, we called the not-so-nice OB that is on for today and went off to L&D to try our luck at Baby-birthday Roulette.

We called my folks and put them on standby for heading to Atl, told Humphries kitty we'd be back soon, and calmly made our way to the car with all of our assorted junk.

After checking in at L&D, we walked about a mile to the surgical wing of L&D (you know, I always thought they made you use a wheelchair. I really could have used one today too!). With a breech baby our OB does an automatic C-section, so no Labor room for us.

The wonderful nurse we had went through all of the normal medical history questions, while I was on a monitor, and several contractions were recorded - one good size one, the others were less impressive.

She then did an amnio dip stick test, which came back negative. Ah, are we going home then? Spin the baby-birthday wheel... Nope, these tests CAN come back false negative.

She did an ultrasound. Is there enough fluid? Yep, no sign of fluid issues. Ah, are we going home then? Spin the wheel... Nope, the OB has ordered a cervix check.

What's this on the US? The Baby is back head down!!! OMG! No way! Yep, but not engaged in the pelvis. Ah, are we going home then? Spin the wheel... Nope, still gotta do the cervix check.

Cervix check showed high and long, but seems to be starting to dialate a small, tiny, little bit. Ah, are we going home then? Spin the wheel... Nope, gotta call the OB and give her the results... It is her call.

Wait for it... Wait... Wait....

Yep, all clear, you can go home now!

Grrrrrrrrrrr... Three hours later we are released to go wait some more. Our nice nurse says, "So, we'll be seeing you again soon."

I'm exhausted, and frustrated, and still a bit contracty. I wanna have this baby today! I'm just really ready to be done with this part. Ugh!

We go see the Peri tomorrow. He said over the phone on Friday that he is thinking of moving up our C-section/induction earlier than March 5th. So, we'll see tomorrow what he thinks.

Hurry up and wait!
Hurry up and wait!
Hurry up and wait!
Hurry up and wait!


Topcat said...

Wow!! Good luck with everything, I'll be thinking of you and checking back in often!!


Stacie said...

Patience, Dawn. The longer your little one cooks, the better. (and I am totally paranoid of anything before 40 weeks now) I don't imagine it will be much longer for you, though.

And for what it is worth, when I ruptured at 26 weeks, I was only slightly positive for fluid with the dip stick test. Fluid looked fine around the baby. No contractions. Sent me home. The next week there was no fluid around Jason, and then I had them the week later. That means I had the boys two weeks after I ruptured! So, you just never know with this stuff. It wouldn't surprise me if you have to wait to be induced (yeah to turning head down!).

Hoping that no matter how long it takes, you can at least get a little more comfortable and get a little sleep. Ambien worked for me while I was in the hospital!

ms. c said...

Oy, what a day!!
I'll be thinking of you.

ultimatejourney said...

Wow, you're definitely getting close! I hope the baby stays head down from now on!