Monday, February 18, 2008

37 Weeks!!! FULL TERM!!!

Full Term! We actually made it to Full Term! I think our Peri was quite impressed with that fact as well. :)

Peri Apt today - everything looked very good. The baby is measuring at approx 8lbs, which means we've managed to slow down the growth a bit. Now we are averaging about 1/2 lb per week. Yay!

Our Peri is now talking more and more about 39 weeks, which is no fun for ME, but should be good for baby. It does mean that we will get closer and closer to a 10 lb baby the longer it stays in. Yikes! But at least people are no longer talking about mayhem and disaster at this point!

The contractions I've been having are getting stronger and more frequent, but not more regular. I keep hoping that baby will desire to escape any minute, but for now it just appears to be irritating my uterus, not really trying to make an appearance.

For the last 2 or 3 nights I've gotten no sleep. I'm getting 2 to 2 1/2 hrs at a stretch and then being woken up by either hip pain or a contraction. Blech. So, I've been adding mid-day naps to my routine. I guess that means I'm at least a little lucky to not be working at the moment, huh? :)

According to all the Docs these no-pattern not-actually-ready contractions can last for days or weeks. I've seen enough on all of your own blogs to know that they can actually go on for MONTHS. Which of course is kinda cruel, since it is like your body is saying "Hurry up and wait!", but don't plan anything 'cause we could blow any minute!

Tomorrow, if all stays the same on the baby-front, I'm going with my good friends S&S to to a giant baby-stuff consignment sale . This is supposed to be the mother of all baby-related sales! I'm really looking forward to it! :) I hope to be able to pick up one or two things for baby that are nice-to-haves, but I'm not planning on overdoing it. We really seem to have most of what we need, so everything else is simply gravy.

If any of you ladies are in or near Atlanta, and you haven't heard of this sale, you just HAVE to go - really, they have everything from newborn - toddler clothing to cribs - toddler beds and everything in between. I've heard that the "gear" room looks like a "sea of excersaucers". I've copied the sale information for you below.

The Spring Kidsignments Sale!
This event is only held twice a year at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds so don't miss this event. The event dates and times are:
Tues. Feb. 19 9am -7pm (no infants, children, strollers, carriers until after 2pm)
Wed. Feb. 20 9am -7pm
Thurs. Feb. 21 9am -7pmFri.
Feb. 22 9am -6pm (Friday-Items are 25% off unless tag has a 'NR')
Sat. Feb. 23 9am -6pm (Saturday-Items are 1/2 price unless tag has a 'NR')

Remember, you need to bring a good size container (or two) when you come to shop (a wagon or large bin on wheels would be the idea)! There are so many wonderful items that you will want to buy that you will need something big to carry them in. Remember that the checkout lines can be very long on the first sale day so please make sure to bring (if you can) a friend, your list, a book (for the line), a snack and patience.


Stacie said...

Whoo to the double Hoo! You made it to term, baby! You totally rock!

Have fun at your baby sale! Enjoy getting lots of fun stuff for the baby. Too bad I don't live near Atlanta or I would be there! (I totally love our bouncy seat. I recommend you get one if you don't have has saved my life!)

m said...

Nearing 10 lbs??? I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it. Fantastic news! Nowhere near Atlanta, but the baby sale sounds awesome! Have fun.

MrsSpock said...

Congrats on making it to term! That consignment sale sounds awesome- I'm totally jealous...

Natalie said...

Happy full term!!! 10lbs is still doable! Don't think about it too much, lol. I'm glad baby is doing well though!

Man, that consignment sale sounds fantastic. I wish it was near me!