Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Polls Are Open! Cast your vote!!

I've gotten into the political spirit today, I guess. Although, I'm not known as a super political creature normally. :)

On the sidebar you will find 2 polls - they both end on 2/12/08.

1) What is the baby's sex? Note: there is no choice for "other" because I'm guessing the Peri would have warned us about that already. :)

2) When will the baby arrive? This poll is in 1/2 week increments - the week starts on Monday in my case, so imagine Thursday is split in two for ease of voting. If you think the baby will be here after 40 wks then you don't know me very well, and you don't deserve to vote! LOL

I look forward to your predictions! Let the games begin!

1 comment:

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Okay, I've voted. Now I guess we just wait and see.

Like I'm telling you something you don't know.