Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's The Plan Du-jour?

When we last checked in on our stir-crazy pregnant lady, her baby had turned back "head down". She naively thought, "Yay, that means no scheduled C-section for me!".

Well, this week I've reached a fun new twist in the sadistic nature of my OB's rules...

Rule #1:
My OB won't intervene in my pregnancy until I've hit 39 wks. Well, unless there is some emergency/medical reason, which at first glance seems to make sense. No?

Rule #2:
Once the baby hits 10 lbs they will VERY STRONGLY suggest my having a C-section. For example, they will schedule it vs. waiting for me to deliver naturally.

Here's the twist now, pay close attention... I hit 39 weeks next Monday AND my Peri's measurements are saying that I'm very likely hit 10 lbs by next Monday.

Did you get that? Because of Rule # 1 there will be no Hail Mary pass at induction while the baby is small enough for them to agree to attempt to deliver vaginally. So, based on Rule # 2, I will get no opportunity to have this child without major surgery.

I think I can refuse rule # 2 and try to deliver a 10 lb baby vaginally, but that seems kinda crazy to me. Why would you choose to pass a regulation bowling ball on purpose? Wouldn't you rather try to deliver BEFORE you got that far? ESPECIALLY since you KNOW how big the baby is?

I'm looking for some good natural progression to labor this week. What are the odds on that do you think? Anyone have any good home remedies they want to share?!?!?!

Oh, you'll also need some information to improve your calculation of the odds...

In the last 2 days both my Mom and my Aunt have enlightened me that they AND my Grandmother ALL went over their due dates by 2 weeks or more EACH with every child they had. Ok - why didn't anyone tell me this a few weeks ago? Why did they let me babble on and on about how per the Peri this baby was going to be ready early? For Fucks sake people - share the info!!!!

Oh well, maybe you should just pass me the damned doughnuts. If I'm going to be forced into a C-section at least I should enjoy the damned ride.


Thalia's Child said...

You commented on my journal, so I came to check you out. And went right back to the anguish of the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy. Honey, I wish you all the best over the next couple of weeks. Healthy L&D, healthy babe, and healthy you.

Take care - I'll pop by to see how things go!

Shelby said...

Wow, talk about complicated! Good luck with the impending c-section. Hopefully all will go well, and the recovery won't be too bad. One thing to prepare you though- coughing after a C-section hurts for at least 2 months after. But for the most part, if you're open to medication, take the drugs they recommend- they really do help a lot.

MrsSpock said...

Nipple stimulation can help spur labor if your body is ready- but that's the one caveat- if your body is ready. I wouldn't take too much to heart the experiences of your mother and grandmother. The majority the women in my maternal line couldn't keep from getting pregnant and never made milk. I was the exact opposite. Couldn't get pregnant and started leaking colostrum at 22 weeks. All of my cousins in my generation were able to nurse as well. Remember, you get half your genes from somewhere else...

orodemniades said...

It's awfully convenient that you're going to reach 39w and a 10lb baby on Monday. Just sayin'.

On the other hand, you're feeling pretty icky, physically, so maybe you should just go for it anyway and get to the better part? On yet the other other hand, maybe you could try vaginal delivery anyway, who knows, you could be absolutely fine! And save yourself some surgery in the process (btw, make sure they do the bikini cut rather than the up and down cut, with the up and down you can never try VBAC as the uterus is too damaged).

Decisions, decisions...