Friday, February 15, 2008

36 wk OB Visit Update...

36 Wk Baby-watch Update (includes US pictures)

The OB recorded 4 contractions on the NST today! Wooo Hoo! They weren't painful, so they are Braxtons, but we are moving in the right direction.

He did a cervix check and found that it is softening and is "a fingertip dilated". So, the contractions are being ever so slightly productive. Unfortunately, he could not feel the head, so he is worried that the baby's head isn't fitting in my pelvis.

I'm having lots of pelvic pain when walking (the bones are separating really often - fucking OUCH!), so it may be a sign that the baby's head is too big and is pushing against my bones instead of being able to descend. Dr. isn't too worried yet, but told me to be prepared to have a C-section if real labor doesn't turn the baby into a position where the head does fit.

Below are ultrasound photos from the Monday, sorry for the delay in posting them.

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