Monday, May 21, 2007

8 Things...

Courtesy of a very appreciated tag from Mands, here are 8 arbitrary things about me:

1. I was on a pit crew when I was in high school. I can change my oil and rotate my own tires if needed. I restored a convertible when I was in college. It is very helpful to know your way around cars when you take one in for service. Once a guy tried to sell me a "power steering belt" on a truck. I told him very loudly "my truck doesn't have power steering". He said, oh, I meant the air conditioning belt, to which I replied, "it has a serpentine belt - just the one belt, and there is no air conditioner in it." Once the good 'ol boys quieted down their laughing he said there was no charge for the oil change.

2. I can't sleep when I am hot. I have to have cool air or I will stay awake until I finally pass out from exhaustion (it can take days).

3. I am very afraid of giving birth. I mean really afraid - not afraid I'll die or anything, just that the pain will be so unbearable or that something will go nightmarishly wrong. Terrified, I tell you! I wanna be asleep for delivery, like my Momma was!!! I thought you might find this interesting since I am trying so darned hard to get pregnant. I figure I will have to cross that bridge should I ever locate it. Until then, I focus on "now" to get me through.

4. I talk A LOT, but I never tell things that are really important to people outside a select group. However, in my blog, I write about almost solely things important to or troubling me. Most of my readers are complete strangers (I mean that in the best possible way). Isn't that weird?

5. My Mom is my very best friend. :) She and I love to turn up the radio, sing of key, and dance like crazy people. You know, I actually thought EVERYONE danced and sang at home with their mothers! Boy, did I lead a fun yet sheltered life! Everyone loves my Mom!!! :)

6. I was the first in my family to get my Master's degree (beat my older brother by just a few months). The prize, from my grandmother, was a trip for 3 to Paris for a week - Granny, Mom, and me!!! We had a wonderful time, saw all the sites, ate late dinners and early breakfasts. I miss my Granny very much.

7. Hubby and I were acquaintances, until we almost literally bumped into each other at a Bonnie Raitt concert that was part of a music festival with an attendance of over 250,000 people. We started our "happily ever after" with a first kiss to "Let's Give 'Em Something To Talk About". Hubby still jokes that he "picked me out of a 1/4 million"!

8. I still have a friend from Kindergarten. She is the one friend I would call if I needed help disposing of a body. Hell, I'd even call her if I needed help getting to the point of needing to dispose of a body. She's that much of a friend. She says the same about me! ;)

OK, I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged, so I'm going to name the following based on today's blog reading:
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Carlynn said...

That is so cool that you were on a pit crew! I went to a very boring high school, drama was about the most exciting thing you could do.

And I've never been tagged before, this is my first time, so thank you. Off to write my 8 responses, good grief, what to say?!!

(Oh yes, I used to dance around the dining room with my mom too. She loves dancing. It was so much fun, we haven't done it for years.)

Erin said...

Thanks for the tag, Nearlydawn! I was tagged for this one before, and although there are infinite "random" things about me, I will spare the blogosphere from any more...

My mom and I are the same way and all my friends love her, too! It's so nice, especially when I see people who have tough relationships with theirs.

I'll be following your IVF cycle!! Good luck!

projgen said...

heh, boy am I slow on the uptake! I didn't even realize I'd been tagged. It's perfect that I found this now that I need to occupy myself for the next 2 weeks!