Friday, May 25, 2007

Picture Page 1

Since you asked!!! Here are some pictures of my sweet baby kitty boys Humphries and Cocoa.

I had laid my robe on the bed and Humprhies, ever the snuggler decided to climb right in!

Humprhies learned very early that saying "Ma Ma" would get my attention. It really freaks people out when they hear it! He is soooo smart, and he calls me when there is something wrong - a plant turned over, his brother getting sick, or when they've totally been into something and caused a mess. He even looks guilty! He is my sweet boy, and I love him lots!

Cocoa soon got jealous of his brother's photo shoot and scooted Humphries right out.. I have several "action shots" of him rolling around trying to take over Humphries' spot! LOL

He's such a love bug... I love him so totally. He sleeps right beside me every night. He lays his little head on my arm and falls alseep purring.

I think I'm going to like doing Picture Pages, I have been smiling since I started finding the needed pictures! :)

"Picture Pages. Picture Pages, Picture Pages, time to get your Picture Pages, time to get your crayon and your pencil... You can play with Picture Pages, fill your days with Picture Pages, 'Til Bill Cosby does another Picture Page with you!"

Now I have to take a picture of my purse... I'll warn you, it is totally utilitarian, but remember, you asked!!! LOL


The Momcaster said...

ok - i am not a feline fan but these guys are adorable!! they're oozing with personality. great pics - thanks for sharing =)

Samantha said...

Too cute!

Baby Blues said...

Adorable cats!
Here's more requests to keep you busy. :-)
A body part. Yours or Hubby's.
Your favorite place at home.
Where you work.
Where you usually go out for a nice dinner.
If I or any tourist were to visit your town, where will you bring us or what would you show us.