Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Am Tagged To Write!

I have been multi-tagged for this excercise! Thanks to everyone that took the time to write about themselves. I feel like I know you just a little better...

So here goes: I AM...

I am loving with my friends and family.
I am a fan of touch - I touch everything that looks shiny, interesting or new to me.
I am a planner! Please let me know before you mess with my plans so we can stay friends.
I am stubborn to a point. The point must be won by you, but you can change my mind.
I am supposedly a picky eater. I was taught that I can pick out the parts I don't like (peppers make me sick). What's picky about that? I didn't refuse to eat, I just "customize" to suit!
I am most likely a cat reincarnated - I love to be scratched and rubbed. Purrrrr!
I am a true and loyal friend. I will always make myself available if you need me.
I am a fast reader, I can devour a book in a matter of hours.
I am a traveller - you cannot make my soul happier than when I'm in a new land!
I am a reseacher, and I look up everything (see planner above).
I am mother to two cats - I love Humphries and Cocoa dearly. They are my fur babies.
I am a sometimes gardener, and getting better every year.
I am an outgoing and gregarious, and I make people take to me quickly. Either that or they hate me on sight!
I am a supper-shopper of bargins, but I don't really care for shopping as a frequent passtime.
I am an out and out geek (yes, I play multiplayer online games)
I am pretty much a tomboy at heart, but I have glittery girlie edges!
I am great at making introductions - just show me a stranger!
I am easy with people from different backgrounds and cultures from my own. Thanks Mom!!
I am hard to fool at a mechanic's shop.
I am no longer a flannel-wearing truck owner (it was sending the wrong message for me).
I am the proud owner of a Southern Accent when I've had to much to drink.
I am the first in my family to get a Master's Degree.
I am talkative! :P

Consider yourself tagged!!!!


Samantha said...

Thanks for sharing. I am the mother of two "fur-baby" cats too!

Baby Blues said...

Love it! You sound like a fun person to be with. If you're planning to go on an adventure and travel Asia, let me know, I'll show you around.