Saturday, May 26, 2007

IVF Protocol and Bedtime Rituals...

Lu.pron day 4 - all is well IF I can remember to take my shots!!! I forgot my meds today. It is an AM medication and I didn't remember to take it until 8 PM!! Grrrrrrrr Well, I'll just have to take it and back tomorrow morning up a bit to accommodate/offset the error. Grrrrrrr

I am NOT a good medicine taker. I think I "forget" too often, it is almost an avoidance tactic really. I don't think I mean to avoid meds, I just do.

For all that are interested, here is the proposed schedule for my meds... I am to go in for my "suppression check" US and bloodwork on 6/6, and start stims on 6/7 if the oven appear ready. From that it is 10 to 11 days of stims (my normal timeframe for ovulation). The stims are coupled with Lupron (low dose) and Estri.odial. Once the eggs are ready, we'll do the retreival 36 hrs after the HCG shot. I think, based on our RE conversations, we will do a day 3 transfer to maximize embies that can be frozen for FET.

If any of you are interested I can lay out the protocol meds and units per med. Don't want to put you all to sleep though, if you aren't interested.

Also, I have been terrified of taking PIO shots... I have been dreading those shots more than anything else associated with IVF!! So, Dr. Google being the friend that he is gave me some much-needed advice last night, some of which came from our very own little blogger group. LOL I plan to do a blog entry on ONLY the tips and then report on them after I have tried the tips myself.

BTW - I am SOOOO glad I came across this post from Baby Proof about bedtime rituals... She thought she was being "odd" in having some seemingly unusual nighttime rituals...

Until I was 21, I couldn't sleep with the bedroom door closed, or the lights off, or uncovered, or with ANY part of my anatomy hanging off the side of the bed. I mean, if my hand flopped off while I slept I would wake up, scared to death that something was going to get me.

Why until 21? That's when my mom asked if I was NOW able to sleep with the lights off. I fessed up to my Mom and brothers that my bedtime ritual weirdness extended beyond the lights.

My mother said "Boys, look what you did!" to peals of laughter from my brothers.
Turns out, when I was about 6 my loving brothers hid under my bed until mom tucked me in, turned off the light, and shut the door. Then, they lunged up from under the bed and grabbed me. They held me down using my blankets.

I screamed bloody murder! My parents came rushing in and saved me. I am sure there was lots of drama and shouting. They probably beat my brothers stupid. Honestly, I don't remember the event AT ALL!

However, the the night I found out about my brothers' transgressions, I slept peacefully - fully uncovered, with my foot hanging off the side. LOL

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The Momcaster said...

oh the effects of childhood traumas!! glad you're all better now...