Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fertility Reminders Are Everywhere!!!

Baby Blues blogged news to me, Shrek now has kids (in the Movie Shrek III). It is interesting to see the responses to her post, because [some] people are being tounge-in-cheek frustrated that Shrek seems to have followed what might be called the "natural path" of meet someone, fall in love, get married, kids (in that order). Others are intrigued that the above path is considered natural, like any other path would be unnatural.

I love applying the real world to our fairy tales - the results of which are always an interesting study of people. I'll tell you what comes to my mind first when I think about Shrek - Mrs. Shrek, Princess Fiona IS NOT SKINNY!!!!

Most of you have not seen me before, so it isn't evident that I am very far from being skinny (but oh how I try).

I love it that some company out there realized that Fiona didn't have to be pencil-thin, white, and princess "beautiful" to be loved (although she started that way). They also gave her a REAL attitude - which I think is completely kick-butt. This chick is more like me - strong, independent, overweight, beautiful and very lovable. I love Fiona - you go girl!!!

About Fiona and Shrek's children (triplets) I am very happy to see the larger character is able to have a family. I think a lot of people assume that if you are fat you cannot have kids. Well, maybe it is less likely for various reasons, but it certainly isn't impossible!!!

I happen to have a motto about other people's fertility successes, "As long as they are still making babies I have a chance to get one!". It keeps me sane, and gives me something non-snarky to say when someone is worried about how I will feel about others' successes.

I can't wait to see the movie!!! GOOooooo FIONA!!!!

IVF Update:

Made an appointment with the RE for Friday to go over our IVF protocol. Also scheduled a cyst check for Monday, if it is good then we are moving forward!!! :)

note: I edited the post a bit... It originally seemed that I was making statements about other people's comments. That wasn't the intent - just noticing that the story provoked interesting comments. :)

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Baby Blues said...

You just can't get away from fertility reminders. But I just love Sh.rek and Fi.ona! And having three baby ogres is going to be a riot. I can't wait to see the movie.

Good luck on the IVF protocol. I'm excited for you.