Monday, May 21, 2007

Ticker Troubles...

Ladies, I was just doing some "Spring Cleaning" on my blog template. Let me tell you, tickers cute and make you feel so warm and fuzzy to look at, but they are Bad, BAD, BAD when you forget to remove them.

I just found the pregnancy ticker, still at the bottom of my blog, from my twin ectopic pregnancy back in February. I would have been 16 wks 6 days pregnant today.

After a moment of remembrance, and saddness I removed it.

I am not gonna cry, but I feel a bit deflated. Why is it that IF is always the pin cushion to my balloon?


On a lighter note...
I've asked and he answered! :) Thanks Reproductive Jeans for the Hubby Pop Quiz!!! Laugh with me, as we read the answers!

AF – Assisted Fertility (or Ass Fucker, what you call RE when they hurt the wife)
IVF – In-Vitro Fertilization
IUI – Intra-Uterine Insemination
IF – Infertility
PG – Progesterone
TTC – Too Too Cool (well, it USED to be cool!)
DPO – Don't Piss Off
BFP – Big F'ing Pregnancy
BFN – Big F'ing Nothing
POAS – Papal Overachiever Syndrome (um, not sure what this meant)
OPT – Online Pregnancy Test (ha ha ha)
CD – Compact Dick
BD – Big Deal

Love my hubby - he's so creative. He admited he didn't know the acronyms used in our posts, but he did know all of the ones used in our RE's lingo and literature. So, I'll give him some extra credit for lack of exposure. :)


Baby Blues said...

Sorry for the reminder. It's just everywhere.

Your hubby's answers are too cute. At least he tried.

topcat said...

Good for you and your positive attitude.

Hey - where can I buy one of those Online Pregnancy tests? (heh heh)