Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jewelry Requests...

I had several requests to see my pendant and other jewelry... I wasn't ignoring you guys, really, really! I just don't have any pictures of my work! I need to get that done. Once I have my pictures done I'll post them here for you all to see.

I have a question - more of a poll really...

When you get comments, and they ask questions, how do you go about responding to the question? Do you:
A - Usually know the email address of the requester, so you email them?
B - Reply to the comment and have an email go back to the commenter (I always get bounce backs, so not sure this works)?
C - Post the answer in your own comments section?
D - Write a new post that addresses the answers?

I'm at a loss for how best to reply!!!! Need Help!


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

For me it just depends on the question.

Artblog said...

with each comment a commenter's email address is included, so I always email back personally.

sometimes I leave a copy in the same comments section for info to other readers.


Baby Blues said...

I usually choose A or C.

Samantha said...

Depends on the question. I've never tried B, so I can't address that. Otherwise, mostly C and D.